Global Warming Expedition Postponed Because of Too Much Ice

A 115-day expedition was planned in order to study manmade global warming and the resulting melting Arctic sea ice, but it had to be postponed, because there was too much ice. At least they didn’t go ahead with the trip and find themselves stuck in the ice and in need of being bailed out. We’ve seen that before. Remember a couple years ago when a similar expedition went out sailing in the Antarctic sea and found themselves stuck and stranded in ice? They were stuck for nine days before they Read more […]

Immigration Officers Could Lose Job if They Enforce the Law

At one time, if someone entered the US illegally, they were arrested and deported.  If they entered on a visa and the visa expired, they could be detained and deported. However, under the Obama administration, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents are not allowed to detain or arrest illegal aliens for entering the country illegally or for expired visas.  The only illegals that can be arrested and deported by ICE agents are those that have been convicted of a criminal offense. According Read more […]