Scientists Again Warn of Coming Ice Age

In the 70’s, disco and the coming ice age were all the rage. In the 90’s and 2000’s, it was global warming. Now, we’re apparently back to the coming ice age. When are they going to make up their mind? For the time being, it’s still politically safe to see a correlation between low sunspot activity and falling temperatures on Earth. Now, don’t get any crazy ideas about the possibility of the converse, that if low sunspot activity correlates with low temperatures, perhaps high sunspot Read more […]

In the 70s, Climate Scientists Warned of Ice Age Caused by Burning Fossil Fuels

It’s common knowledge that back in the 70’s, scientists were warning of the coming ice age. But perhaps less commonly known is the catalyst that those scientists were claiming would ignite that ice age. Hint:  it’s the same excuse that scientists and politicians use today as the cause of global warming – fossil fuel-burning. The only difference is that today, climate scientists pushing global warming are acting as lobbyists for the solar and wind industries. During the ice age predictions Read more […]

WH Science Advisor: Ice Age Now if Not for Human Activity

According to White House science advisor John Holdren, natural cycles would be throwing us into another ice age. The only thing that’s holding us back from an ice age is human activity, namely the burning of fossil fuels, which is actually counteracting the Earth’s natural tendencies toward a cooling climate. I guess this would explain why we haven’t really experienced “global warming” for decades now. It provides a convenient excuse. Here he is, reading his teleprompter during an online Read more […]