Mother of 4 Left Naked in Jail Cell for 7 Hours and Pepper-Sprayed for “Disorderly Conduct”

Considering the sheriff’s comments on the story, what happened to this woman was standard operating procedure. An Indiana woman named Tabitha Gentry was arrested back in March following a heated argument she had with her estranged husband. She was arrested for disorderly conduct, and of course a “resisting arrest” charge was tacked on for good measure. But what followed is what led to Gentry’s lawsuit against the Floyd County Jail. A local news station WDRB interviewed Gentry’s attorney Read more […]

Man Forgets To Use His Blinker, Receives Anal Cavity Search

If you’re in need of a colonoscopy or rectal exam, there are some different ways to go about receiving those procedures. You could either do what most people do and call the doctor to schedule the exam. Or you could do what a couple New Mexico men did and commit a miniscule traffic code violation. You know, like rolling slowly through a stop sign or failing to put your turn signal on. We’ve already reported on David Eckert who received a full colorectal exam, including abdominal x-rays, three Read more […]

Man Subjected To Forced Enemas & Colonoscopy For Clenching Buttocks “Suspiciously”

For this one, you’ll need to duct tape your head to prevent it from exploding, as John Lofton would say. I’ll just get right into it, because there are a lot of details, and it just gets worse and worse. Some guy in New Mexico was leaving a Wal-Mart parking lot and made the egregious mistake of not coming to a full and complete stop at a stop sign. So, the cop that was lying in wait around the corner pulled him over. According to the police, after they ordered this man David Eckert to exit Read more […]

Woman Booked, Stripped, and Jailed Over Unpaid Traffic Ticket

Several years ago, probably around 10 o’clock one night, my wife and I heard a knock at the door. I opened it slightly to see who it was at such a late hour, and two local cops forced themselves in. Sure, just come right in, I thought. They told us that they had a warrant for my wife’s arrest because of a failure to appear in court. We remembered that she got a speeding ticket a few months before in another county, and we had since either forgotten about it or lost the ticket amidst other tickets Read more […]

TSA Manager Given a Pass

So last year, the TSA was found to be failing to actually screen baggage properly. The baggage handlers were fired when this was discovered, and so was the “direct manager of the workers.” Not anymore. Since the baggage handlers “did not have appeal rights,” they “remain fired.” But the “direct manager” did have “appeal rights” and was able to take the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to an administrative court to force them to give his job back to him. He won. “‘Management Read more […]