Ohio Governor Calls Trump “Prince of Darkness”!

Ohio Governor and GOP presidential candidate John Kasich (R-OH) recently called Donald Trump the “Prince of Darkness”! That would have been bad enough but Kasich didn’t stop there… he then doubled-down and called himself the “Prince of Light”! I think first of all, I have the experience and I’ve had success and I’ve been a reformer all lot my life. You can’t come from the [inaudible] rocks as you know Hugh, and not be a reformer, and I have a message – look, we have a lot of candidates Read more […]

Ted Cruz Compares President Obama to Richard Nixon!

Senator Ted Cruz was a guest on Hugh Hewitt’s conservative talk radio show earlier this week when he unleashed on President Obama for his megalomaniacal behavior. Hugh Hewitt: And a last question, Senator Cruz. I’m a son of Northeastern Ohio. The McKinley Memorial is located about five miles from where I grew up. And I am offended that the President of the United States thinks he has the authority to rename mountains. I really am. Where does this guy get off? And so what do you think about Read more […]

Ted Cruz Rips Chief Justice for Putting on “Obama Jersey” on Obamacare!

Ted Cruz was a guest on the Hugh Hewitt radio show where he took the opportunity to rip the Supreme Court for their recent rulings and Chief Justice John Roberts specifically for the vital role he has played in saving Obamacare.     HUGH HEWITT, HOST: What is the best argument for how he decided these two cases? In the latter of them, he said this Court is not a legislature. What, Ted Cruz, is the best argument in defense of both decisions? SEN. TED CRUZ: Well, look. So Read more […]

Ben Carson says Race Relations were Better before Obama!

Dr. Ben Carson was on the Hugh Hewitt Radio show Tuesday night when he told Hewitt and his listeners that he believed race relations had been better before Obama’s Presidency. Here’s the full transcript from the show… you can read a partial transcript below.   HH: Dr. Carson, if you’re the president of the United States, and that situation arises, what would you do differently than what President Obama did yesterday? BC: Well, first of all, you know, in the beginning, Read more […]