Howard Stern – “If You’re Anti-Israel, You’re Anti-American!”

Wow. I never thought I would say this, but… I totally agree with Howard Stern. Please don’t tell my mom. She’d never get over me saying that. Look, I don’t like Howard Stern’s brand of entertainment – never have, never will – but that doesn’t mean he can’t be right now and again. This is one of those times. Last week he had a caller looking to goad him into a fight over whether or not Israel was at fault for what is happening in the Middle East, but Stern was having none of it. He responded Read more […]

Democrats Are Just Clueless Because They Don’t Listen To Anything

Barack Obama is Mormon, pro-life and got most of the jobs he said he would.  Obama’s Vice Presidential running mate is Paul Ryan who happens to be black.  McCain may take 40% of the vote, perhaps more if he drops Sarah Palin.  Romney is black, a Muslim, supportive of gay-marriage and believes in pro-choice.  Everyone is hoping that Obama finally catches Osama bin Laden and either kills him or puts him in jail indefinitely.  One voter plans to vote for Romney, McCain and Obama. Howard Stern Read more […]