Taxpayers Held Hostage By Obama’s FHA Lies

It’s official. The recovering US housing market, under the Obama Administration, is going to need a $1 billion dollar bailout and soon. No wonder the President was late with his budget. Once again the leaches running our federal government are asking the sheep, or at least our representatives, to look the other way while the alleged housing recovery receives another financial transfusion courtesy of a country $17 Trillion dollars in debt. On March 29, 2013, I read a highly recommended article Read more […]

From Dumb To Dumber: Obama Proposes Subprime Housing Bubble

It is not every day that I have to admit that I have over-estimated the intelligence of politicians, economists, and “journalists” (I should probably have also used quotation marks for the so-called economists). But today is such a day: The following appeared in the Washington Post, not the Onion (though maybe the Onion gave the Obama Administration the original idea): “President Obama’s economic advisers and outside experts say the nation’s much-celebrated housing rebound is leaving Read more […]

Obama’s America Now Worships Wealth And Income Disparity

I am still trying to figure out why liberals are celebrating recent Wall Street gains and last Friday’s massaged employment statistics. In America, declining income and government dependency are becoming the new way of life for once prosperous, now overregulated small business and middle class families slowly taxed out of their homes. Given recent market highs, I just have to ask, do liberals still believe that Democrats and Obama are still the champions of Americas working class? Under Obama Read more […]

Yale Prof Exposes Greenspan-Bernanke, Bush-Obama “Housing Policy” Scam

Sometimes the best refutation is not to bother debunking the lie but simply tell the truth. I’m pretty shocked to find the truth, in this case, coming from a professor at Yale University. But Business Insider called it right: “Robert Shiller Destroys The Idea Of Investing In A Home.” “Robert Shiller, the Yale economist who nailed the housing bubble before it burst, was on Bloomberg Television with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the U.S. housing market. As Read more […]