Democrat Controlled Congress Allowed Rape Victims to be Repeatedly Victimized

I can’t imagine the trauma and emotional horror a woman goes through when she is brutally raped. Quite often, a rape victim is permanently scared emotionally and struggles with relationships the rest of her life. Now imagine being victimized over and over, not by the rapist but by the system you turned to for help. I’m not talking about the humiliating cross examination of defense attorneys that takes place in many court rooms, but the hospitals and labs that collect the rape kits on the victims. A Read more […]

Planned Parenthood Suing for Right to Endanger Women’s Lives

In March of 2012, a woman nearly died at an abortion clinic in Sharonville, Ohio, a part of the greater Cincinnati area. She was getting an abortion at the Women’s Medical Center from Dr. Martin Haskell. The patient went into status epilepticus as she came out of her anesthesia. This is a life threatening condition where the person is in a constant seizure for over 5 minutes with no signs of letting up. The only way to stop this condition is with medical intervention which the abortion clinic did Read more […]

Obamacare Forces Another Georgia Hospital To Close

Obamacare is so great and so effective that people aren’t getting sick anymore like they used to prior to Obamacare. The effect has been that hospitals are closing down, because they’re not needed. I’m only joking. About people not getting sick anymore. But hospitals are closing down. And it’s because of a number of things that are all rooted in government intervention into the healthcare sector of the marketplace. The Daily Caller reported on a recent hospital closure in Georgia: The Read more […]

Employee Placed On Leave For “God Bless America” E-mail Signature

They’re not being very forthright about why they placed this man on leave for his signature. He had a total of three different tags that he placed at the end of each of his e-mails. The one that was of concern was the one that read “God bless America.” The other two were “Excuses only satisfy the person making them” and “Change is either induced by inspiration or desperation.” Those were fine, but the one that mentioned God had to go. Boots Hawks is a retired military veteran of Read more […]

EDITED/RETRACTED: Roman Catholic Church Loses Two Fetuses; Gets Case Dismissed

I owe the Roman Catholic Church leadership an Apology (1/28/2013) Over the weekend, I wrote an article that wrongly blamed the Roman Catholic Church leadership for something that was not in their control. In my article I was extremely critical of the Roman Catholic Church leadership for allowing a “not human” defense to be used to avoid a medical malpractice suit brought in Colorado against Catholic Health Initiatives, a hospital network that is not run by the Roman Catholic Church. Catholic Read more […]