Homosexuals and Feminists Actually Despise Women

Homosexuals like to buddy up with feminists, and both groups claim to be fighting for the equality of women and minorities and equal rights for oppressed and marginalized groups. Is that what they are actually accomplishing? No. They are both fighting for the same thing, but it’s not what they claim. Both groups are actually wittingly and unwittingly dedicated to the devaluation of womanhood. Let’s consider the history of cultural homosexuality. By “cultural homosexuality,” I’m not talking Read more […]

Is Obama Trying to Test the Tolerance Limits of Pope Francis?

Pope Francis is set to visit the White House, and Obama is apparently seeing just how far the Pope’s famous tolerance can go. Obama has invited quite a few people to meet Pope Francis at the White House, and few of them fall squarely into any category one could consider “orthodox”: In a stunning show of political indecorum, Obama has invited a series of individuals who publicly flout Catholic teaching, including a pro-abortion religious sister, a transgender woman and the first openly gay Read more […]

Indiana and Utah have Gay Marriage Ban Declared Unconstitutional

On the same day, both Indiana and Utah have been told that their state-wide gay marriage bans are unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Richard Young (appointed by Bill Clinton) ruled that Indiana was not allowed to enforce its gay marriage ban. In hus decision, he wrote: Same-sex couples, who would otherwise qualify to marry in Indiana, have the right to marry in Indiana. These couples, when gender and sexual orientation are taken away, are in all respects like the family down the street. The Read more […]

Mozilla, Homosexuals, and Liberal Legislation of Morality

Before he was the new CEO (and now the ex-CEO) for Mozilla (the company behind the Firefox web browser), Brendan Eich made a personal donation to support Proposition 8—the legislation in California intended to define marriage as between one man and one woman. And when homosexual activists found out about it, they decided to boycott Mozilla’s products. And eventually, Eich stepped down. Mr. Eich tried to respond to the controversy by explaining that his personal beliefs did not impinge on Read more […]

Supreme Court Halts Homosexual Marriage in Utah

The Supreme Court just hit the pause button on homosexual marriages in Utah. A federal district judge had overruled Utah’s state constitutional ban on homosexual marriage, stating that Utah’s citizens had a federally-protected constitutional right to homosexual marriage if they wanted it. The Supreme Court, in so many words, said “Nuh-uh.” This decision has left many people puzzled. It had seemed that the Supreme Court was positive about homosexual marriage. Just last year, the Supreme Read more […]

NJ Law May Force Churches To Perform Gay Marriages

“Legislators pulled their pending bill to legalize same-sex marriage in the Garden State in response to its supporters’ demand to strip the bill of language that would allow Christians and other people of faith to decline to recognize gay marriages on religious grounds.” – Ken Klukowski Change is constant. That much is an absolute fact. Given that, it comes as no surprise that we continue to move in a forward direction. Some call that forward movement “progress,” but that all depends on how you Read more […]

What’s So Wrong With Interspecies Marriage?

With homosexual “marriage” now so widely accepted, thanks to pop culture’s indoctrination of our pop-culture-obsessed society, deviancy has been defined downward. Standards have been lowered. Traditional morals have been scoffed at and redefined. In the homosexual community’s attempts to corrupt society, they’ve inadvertently provided the logical argument for those who wish to have their bestiality habits accepted and embraced. “Two people who love each other ought to be able to get married” Read more […]

Bradlee Dean: How America really feels about Homosexual ‘marriage’

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to give you the right answers. – Bradlee Dean In light of the Supreme Court hand-picking the issue of homosexual marriage this week – an issue that has been settled by our Creator, the laws of our republic and the righteous compliance of the American people – I thought it was important to ask where the American people are deriving the belief that radical homosexual marriage is accepted by a majority of our citizens. Fact: Read more […]

Elena Kagan Is The Fox In The Hen House

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt As the Supreme Court conveniently looks at the issue of homosexual marriage, the Obama administration is asking the Supreme Court to strike down the federal law defining marriage as a union between only a man and a woman. The specific issue the Supreme Court will be deciding on is the Defense of Marriage Act, passed in 1996 to protect marriage as between a man and Read more […]

Debunking the Gay Marriage Argument

It’s 2012 and no male or female United States citizen at or above the age of consent is prohibited from marrying if they so desire. There is no federal law on the books that denies this civil right to any male or female wishing to enter into the institution of matrimony. Every American has the same marital rights as the next and must abide by the laws of the state in which they reside before exercising their right to marry. An individual’s sexual behavior, although sheltered by constitutional Read more […]