Cop Kills Resident for not Consenting to Home Search Without Warrant

Under ordinary circumstances, this would be considered a home break-in, assault and battery, and murder. It would be an open-and-shut case. There were plenty of eyewitnesses and evidence to convict the criminal. He’d be behind bars now, and hopefully would remain there for a long time. But there’s just one factor that changes everything. The man breaking and entering, assaulting and battering, and killing an innocent and unarmed man, was a cop. That means that it will be very difficult to Read more […]

Dem Rep Opposes Bill Protecting Abortion-Surviving Babies, Because it “May Kill Children”

These people don’t appreciate their own irony. I just reported the other day about Representative DeLauro who opposed a pro-life bill that would remove federal funding from Planned Parenthood. She said that forcing Planned Parenthood to raise their own money instead of relying on the taxpayers would be like telling Americans, “Forget your health; you can just die.” As if abortion hasn’t killed tens of million of people already. New York Representative Jarrold Nadler is opposing the Born-Alive Read more […]

Disgruntled Former News Anchor Murders Journalist and Cameraman on Live TV

Former Roanoke, Virginia news anchor Vester Lee Flanagan II, whose TV name was Bryce Williams, shot and killed news anchor Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward live on TV during an interview. Flanagan recorded himself murdering the two and posted the video on his Facebook account. In his Twitter feed was a comment about how Alison had “made racist comments.” He didn’t care for Adam the cameraman either, because he had apparently gone to HR to complain about Flanagan. Under ordinary Read more […]

Huckabee on 10-Year-Old Rape Victim’s Abortion Denial: “Does it Solve a Problem by Taking the Life of an Innocent Child?”

There’s a case in Paraguay involving a 10-year-old girl who was raped by her stepfather. She conceived, but she was denied an abortion by authorities. CNN’s Dana Bash wanted to know how Mike Huckabee would respond to the situation. Would he, being a white man in the Republican party, want to “force” the child to give birth to the product of an (essentially) incestuous rape? From The Blaze: The former Arkansas governor acknowledged during his “State of the Union” interview Sunday that Read more […]

Cop Shoots Driver in the Head for Trying to Drive Away from Traffic Stop

When a “cop shoots driver” story involves a white police officer and a black victim, it becomes a national story. A Cincinnati cop pulled a man over for not having a tag on the front of his car. The cop happened to be white, and the driver happened to be black. If the races had been reversed, this incident would’ve remained a local story. It’s hard to judge exactly what happened just by watching the cop’s body cam, but it doesn’t look like the driver did anything to warrant getting Read more […]

Defenseless Domino’s Delivery Driver Shot to Death

Can you imagine a police department enforcing a policy that prohibited their officers from carrying a firearm? I think most people would find that idea preposterous. A police officer’s job can be very dangerous. They should be able to carry a weapon to protect themselves. Would you believe that a pizza delivery driver actually has a more dangerous job than a cop? And yet, despite the danger of their job, many pizza chains have strict no-gun policies. If disarming cops as a matter of policy is Read more […]

You Cannot Personally Oppose Abortion but Be Publicly Accepting Of It

If you think it should be legal then you don’t personally oppose abortion. “I hate abortions, but just could not make that choice for someone else.” – Barbara Bush What is moral? Moreover, what is morality? Is premeditated murder always wrong? If a man decides to decapitate his wife simply because she annoys him, is that wrong? If someone mugs a priest, is it wrong? You may think I’m asking outrageous questions–the answers to which appear obvious—but they are not so outrageous when we Read more […]

In Defense of Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell

“Abortion is either okay or it’s not.” – Peggy Noonan In May of 2013, after being convicted of committing a series of heinous crimes, a Pennsylvania man was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. This man was Kermit Gosnell. When I’ve described to friends and colleagues the crimes which Gosnell committed, I’ve often received looks of shock, and revulsion. These looks tell me that an instinctive trigger has been pulled within their consciousness, one that carries with it an Read more […]

NAACP Argues Stricter Gun Control In Wake Of Cop Murders

Stricter gun control would be more dangerous for everyone, including minorities. “The very purpose of the Second Amendment is to stop the government from disallowing people the means to defend themselves against tyranny. Any proposal to abuse executive power and infringe upon gun rights must be repelled with the stiffest legislative force possible.” – Steve Stockman Many Americans are under a misapprehension regarding the original intended meaning of the second amendment. Most who support the second Read more […]

Cop Kills Sleeping 7-Year-Old Girl

A cop killed a sleeping 7-year-old girl in one of those middle-of-the-night, no-knock police raids a few years ago. So far, the only charge that the cop’s still facing is “recklessly discharging a firearm.” The case’s most recent trial on October 10th ended in a mistrial, the same way the first trial concluded. The judge had dropped the involuntary manslaughter charge against him. Police State USA summarized what happened: On the evening of May 16, 2010, the Detroit Police Department’s Read more […]

Another Innocent American Dies in No-Knock Police Raid

A 59-year-old Georgia man is the latest victim of a no-knock police raid. The police had gotten a warrant to search the house of David and Teresa Hooks for meth. But guess who gave the police this information? A meth addict who had come to the Hooks’ house just 2 days prior to the police raid, burglarized their home, and stole their black SUV. The meth addict burglar told the police that he had found meth in the Hooks’ SUV, which turned out to be a lie. So, that burglary and theft of their Read more […]

PETA Lends a Helping Hand to Cannibal Killer

PETA recommended to an Indiana county sheriff that cannibal killer Joseph Oberhansley be placed on a vegan diet. He’s currently serving a jail sentence for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home, murdering her, and then eating parts of her body. When the sheriff received the letter from PETA advising a vegan diet, he thought it must have been some kind of joke. Well, that’s because it was a joke. PETA is a joke. Here’s their letter: “On behalf of PETA and our more than 3 million Read more […]