HOA Fines Resident $75 for Flying American Flag

I am so glad I don’t live under a homeowner’s association anymore. I’m glad I don’t have to pay the $195-a-month fees that went toward maintenance of a pool that’s only open a few months out of the year, and a tennis court that’s overgrown with weeds. The fees also (allegedly) went toward repairing exterior damage to the condo units, and neighborhood nazis who went around looking for “unsightly conditions” violations. One time I got a notice saying that I was in violation for not Read more […]

HOA Makes Vet Remove Flagpole From Her Property

They don’t call them neighborhood Nazis for nothing. I remember the Homeowners Association where we used to live cited us for having the wrong color blinds on our front door. We had cheap, light brown blinds I had gotten from Walmart, but according to the HOA notice, they had to be either white or off-white. Therefore, we were in violation, and the color we had made for “unsightly conditions.” I had to buy white or off-white blinds, or face daily fines until they were replaced. This East Read more […]

Parents Face Fines and Criminal Charges for Cardboard Fort in Front Yard

Because they made a temporary fort for their children, parents face fines for a “safety violation.” It’s their property, but these days, no one truly owns anything. You can have your house paid off completely and still be ruled by the city as to what you’re allowed to do with it. And you still have to pay your property taxes, because you don’t truly own it. The government taxes your property and enforces its rules on your property, because it thinks it owns it and you. These Idaho parents Read more […]