Sisters Shoot and Kill Home Intruder

Two Georgia sisters, aged 64 and 75, were attacked by a 40-year-old man identified as Jonathan Green one recent evening around 8:00. He attacked one from behind and choked another. While one of them was being choked, she grabbed her pistol and shot Green three times. He stumbled out the house and died. The other sister sustained a cut to her forehead. The police showed up after receiving a call about a home break-in in progress. When they showed up, Green was already dead in a pool of blood outside Read more […]

Home Intruder Learns the Hard Way Not to Bring a Gun to a Cane Fight

An unidentified 59-year-old and self-proclaimed pacifist wielding a cane was able to knock the gun out of the hands of an intruder and then shoot the intruder with one fatal shot. Early Wednesday morning the New Mexico man was awakened when an intruder pepper-sprayed his dog. The intruder then came after the homeowner with a gun and fired a shot that just barely missed the man’s hip. The homeowner knocked the gun out the intruder’s hands with his cane, and the two struggled to obtain control Read more […]

Woman Shoots and Kills Home Intruder

This is the second time in just two years that this woman homeowner had to use her gun on a home intruder. In June of 2013, two teenagers broke into her Dayton, Ohio home, and she shot and killed one of them before she called 911. This time, just a few days ago around 3 in the morning, 22-year-old DeBrandon Dickerson tried breaking in through the kitchen window of her house, but the homeowner had barred the windows up following a break-in the week before. The intruder then climbed on the roof Read more […]

11-Year-Old Shoots and Kills Home Intruder

Police want to know why an 11-year-old was at home alone with his 4-year-old sister and why he had access to a loaded gun. While those might be reasonable concerns, what’s most important is that the 11-year-old took responsibility to protect himself and his little sister when a couple of teen thugs tried breaking in their house. The boy picked up the loaded gun and shot once at the 16-year-old home intruder, hitting him in the head and killing him at the scene. The second suspect took off running Read more […]

11-Year-Old Girl Uses Shotgun to Ward Off Home Intruder

This ought to stir up intense controversy within the gun control crowd. There isn’t much that’s worse that can be imagined than an 11-year-old girl with access to her dad’s shotgun. In this case, if she hadn’t had that shotgun and known how to handle it, who knows what this home intruder would have done. The Blaze reported: An 11-year-old girl was home alone when police say a man pulled into the driveway of the Lapeer County, Michigan, residence and started knocking on all the doors to Read more […]

“ Hate Group ” Pastor Fatally Shoots Home Intruder

The Southern Poverty Law Center has declared just about everyone a “ hate group ” these days. Their primary targets are white Christians. If you’re not a white Christian, you’re more than likely safe from their labeling, no matter how bad you actually are. One such member of a “hate group” is actually a pastor of a Baptist church in Oklahoma City. He apparently strongly encourages his congregation to own firearms. He even has a gun instructor come and train church members periodically. It Read more […]

Minister Shoots Home Intruder in the Head

I know the first question a lot of readers will ask is whether the home intruder died. No, the guy survived, but not because the homeowner missed. He actually shot him in the head (or on the head), but the bullet only grazed him. The intruder took off running, and the police caught up with him and arrested him. The Blaze reported: A minister in Valley Center, Kan. defended himself and his family on Sunday morning by shooting a would-be intruder in the head. The suspect, Cory Landon, sustained Read more […]

Mom of 3 Shoots Home Intruder

A home intruder made the foolish mistake of threatening a mother’s children. It was early on Thanksgiving morning around 3:15 when this Edmonds, Washington family heard incessant knocking on their front door. The knocking wouldn’t stop, and so they thought it might be someone they knew. The mother of three opened the door, and a man forced his way in. The mother didn’t recognize the man, and she tried to push him back out. Someone called 911, but since they would’ve had to wait an eternity Read more […]

Naked, Armed Homeowner Scares Off Would-Be Burglar

It’s not clear what exactly scared the guy off. It could have been the homeowner’s 9mm handgun or the fact that there was a lot more than just his arms that were bare. (You know, right to ‘bare arms’ instead of ‘bear arms?’… Never mind.) The guy apparently likes to sleep in the buff. He was awoken one night in his Texas home by a flashlight outside his bedroom door. After he saw that his wife was still asleep beside him, he grabbed his handgun from his nightstand and investigated Read more […]

Family of Gun Owners Stop Persistent Home Intruder

The Penas are a family of gun owners who live in Florida. Luis Pena, the dad, awoke one morning to investigate noises he heard. He saw a man trying to break in through the french doors that led do his back deck. Luis fired a warning shot to get the guy to leave, but the intruder was determined to break in. By the time he made his way in through the doors and into their kitchen around 7 a.m., Luis’s wife and son had armed themselves, and all three of them were standing there, waiting to greet him. The Read more […]