Judges & State AG Following Holder’s Instructions to Break Laws

There is no secret that President Barack Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder repeatedly violate the US Constitution, federal laws and their oaths of office.  They willfully pick and choose what laws they want to enforce and what ones they don’t.  They ignore the legal process of going to Congress or state legislatures to overturn laws but just declaring what they intend to do anyway. Now they are encouraging others to break and violate laws that they don’t agree with also.  Last month, Read more […]

Black Pastor Seeking Million Signatures for Holder’s Impeachment

Rev. Bill Owens, President of the Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP) has launched an effort to gather 1 million signatures from Americans who want to see US Attorney General Eric Holder impeached for his many crimes against the American people and the US Constitution. Their petition drive started on February 25.  As soon as they obtain their 1 million signatures, they plan on delivering them to the US Congress and asking them to take immediate action against Attorney General Eric Holder Read more […]