The Partisan Fallacy and Hobby Lobby

Rejecting partisan arguments because they are partisan is… partisan. According to, the genetic fallacy “is a line of ‘reasoning’ in which a perceived defect in the origin of a claim or thing is taken to be evidence that discredits the claim or thing itself.” The process of argumentation—building up, and tearing down arguments—is an easy one. Well, it should be, if one adheres to logical constructs, and avoids fallacies. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and sometimes Read more […]

Justice Ginsburg: Providing Contraception for Others is an “Obligation that Citizens Have”

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was of course one of the dissenting opinions in the recent Hobby Lobby case. She was interviewed by Katie Couric about the court case and about citizens’ and businesses’ “responsibilities” with regards to what they should be required to cover. According to Ginsburg, we have an obligation to provide others with contraception. Here’s CNS News: “Some people say there’s something troubling about mandating a private company though, to do something that is against Read more […]

The Government Should Stay Out Of My Bedroom—Unless I Get Free Birth Control!

According to the dictionary, “diametrical” means “…in direct opposition; being at opposite extremes; complete: diametrical opposites; a diametrical difference.” We live in a gray world, a world in which very few things are simply black and white. The left loves to use the gray expanse in which we live to their advantage, claiming that their positions are nuanced, and reflective of our progressive society. However, this alleged nuance is just an attempt to justify their indefensible positions. One Read more […]

The Hobby Lobby Case Makes the Supreme Court more Popular

In the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision pundits across the media spectrum were wringing their hands over what might be the fate of the Supreme Court’s respectability… Apparently, their concerns were misplaced. It seems that, in the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision the American public actually has a greater respect for the Supreme Court of the United States than they did previously. So maybe the liberal media should stop trying to pretend they know what we should be feeling and start simply reporting Read more […]

Harry Reid thinks Justice Clarence Thomas is White

Yes, Harry Reid is crazy, I just didn’t realize how much his mind was failing him. Listen to what he said the other day while discussing the Hobby Lobby decision… “The one thing we are going to do during this work period, sooner rather than later, is to ensure that women’s lives are not determine by virtue of five white men. This Hobby Lobby decision is outrageous and we are going to do something about it. People are going to have to walk down here and vote.” How about 4 white men Read more […]

Hobby Lobby Protesters Don’t Know What They’re Protesting

Watch as Haters of the Hobby Lobby decision try to tell you why you’re wrong. The sad part is they really have no idea why they’re even angry… Outside the Supreme Court yesterday, The Daily Signal asked supporters of the HHS mandate exactly what drugs or devices were in dispute. Read more […]

Your Birth Control is None of Hobby Lobby’s Business

From the way most critics are talking about it, the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby was a chauvinist attack on female reproductive rights by five old white Catholic men. I don’t think the Hobby Lobby ruling had much at all to do with women’s rights, however. The main questions of the Hobby Lobby case were this: May a corporation exercise the same religious freedoms as an individual? If so, is a taxable (for-profit) corporation allowed to exempt itself from a unilateral mandate Read more […]

Hobby Lobby Wins & Liberals Cry About It

Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby. In case you’ve been in a cave for the last year, I’ll do a brief recap. Hobby Lobby filed a lawsuit regarding the Obamacare HHS mandate, because they believed their religious convictions were being violated. The HHS mandate requires that employers must provide healthcare packages to their employees that cover all forms of contraception. The owners of Hobby Lobby are Christians, and they are morally opposed to the Plan B pill, otherwise known Read more […]

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of “Anti-Woman” Hobby Lobby

They’re anti-woman, because they don’t want to be forced to pay for contraceptives and abortifacient drugs as part of the government mandate for them to purchase health insurance products for their employees. Women apparently feel discriminated against, because this means that they would have to pay for contraception and abortion-inducing drugs on their own. They shouldn’t have to pay for those things. Everyone knows it’s the employer’s job to provide those things for their female employees. Read more […]

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Hobby Lobby

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled today that the birth control provisions of the Affordable Care Act infringed on the religious liberties of businesses and business owners—particularly, in this case, of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties. . . . [Justice] Alito held that in the case before the court, the religious objections cited were legally legitimate, under a law that bars the government from taking action in certain cases that “substantially burdens” freedom of religion. He Read more […]

Hobby Lobby Wins! And so does Religious Freedom

By now you may have heard that the Supreme Court has decided in favor of Hobby Lobby in the Obamacare contraception mandate case. This is a HUGE win for religious liberty and a big blow to Obamacare. The Court was divided 5-4 down pretty foreseeable lines. The Court’s conservatives sided with Hobby Lobby and the liberals came down against. The decision came down to Justice Kennedy who could swing either way… this time he chose religious freedom. Justice Samuel Alito wrote the majority opinion Read more […]

Hobby Lobby Co-Founders Graciously Thank Supporters

The co-founders of Hobby Lobby, David and Barbara Green, took time today to graciously thank all of their supporters for standing by the embattled company. This victory ensures that “closely-held” private companies will be able to continue to operate by their values and conscience. To read more about the case, check out Hobby Lobby co-founders David and Barbara Green thank employees, customers and supporters after the Supreme Court granted a landmark victory Read more […]