Lesbian Couple Burned Their Own House Down in Hoax Hate Crime

It was five years ago that a Venore, Tennessee couple burned their own house down and blamed it on their “homophobic” neighbor whom they also blamed for spray-painting “queers” in big letters on their house. A jury just decided that all the evidence pointed to a self-inflicted hate crime. After they had burned their own house to the ground, the lesbian couple were anticipating raking in about $276,000 from their insurance company. But just months after the incident, the insurance company Read more […]

More Evidence NOAA ADJUSTED Climate Data to Show Warming

In their desperation to prove to everyone that the “science” is on their side, climate scientists have adjusted past temperature data down so that the more recent temperature readings form a warming trend. Of course, they have their excuses for adjusting the data. Sometimes it is necessary to change data when there are errors present. That much is understandable. But how convenient that their “errors” were all the same and required that everything be changed so as to reflect the proper Read more […]