Why a Jeb Bush Presidential Ticket is a Bad Idea

I just read another article that said a number of key Republicans are pushing for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to run for president in 2016.  They claim that he could best unite the Republican Party as a worthwhile option to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who is embroiled in the Bridge-gate scandal. Supposedly, many of the same political and financial people who backed Romney are behind the push for Bush.  They believe that he is favorably popular among evangelicals and the GOP establishment Read more […]

Democrat Says Ted Cruz Isn’t REALLY Hispanic

As human beings, we have a knack for categorization. In fact, categorization is part of what gets us through the day. When we cannot place an object in order with other like objects, we become confused. We enjoy being in control of defining everything around us. When something defies categorization, people often react negatively toward it—rejecting it, because it doesn’t fit within their carefully constructed framework of life. Interestingly, categorization is also what kills us. Racism is a Read more […]

Biden Opens Mouth and Inserts Foot

As many times as Vice President Joe Biden puts his foot in his mouth, I’m not sure if he needs a dentist or a podiatrist to take care of his teeth.  If there is a poster person for the greatest number of dumb political statements, Biden has to be it. Black Americans have been fighting a civil rights war for over a century on the issue of race.  There are still a significant number of white Americans that look down on anyone with a different skin color than their own.  In fact, a number of Read more […]

It Takes a Minority to Raise Awareness

Thanks to The Drudge Report and conservative talk radio outlets, most of us are aware that Univision “broke” shocking news about the “Fast and Furious” scandal. A large segment of the nation had never heard that news before. In light of the upcoming election and the ongoing Benghazi debacle, “Fast and Furious” has taken a back seat.  Because the presidential election is almost upon us, however, it shouldn’t. Scandals, domestic and international, that would have rocked the nation and Read more […]