Texas Suing Feds Over Hiring Convicted Felons

In April 2012, the commissioners of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission voted 4-1 to establish a new set of enforcement guidelines for employers and their use of arrest or criminal records.  The EEOC guidelines specify that employers are not to use a person’s criminal record as a reason to not hire, not promote or to be discharged.  Anyone believing that they have been discriminated against because of their criminal background is to contact the EEOC who states that they will bring down Read more […]

Gov’t To Business Owners: “Your Opinions Are Wrong, Ours Are Enforceable”

The Huffington Post reports that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would band employers from discriminating against potential employees on the basis of sexual orientation or “gender identity,” could be coming up for a vote in the Senate any time now. The bill was introduced to the Senate back in April by Senator Jeff Merkley, of Oregon. He told HuffPo, “Americans understand that it’s time to make sure our LGBT friends and family are treated fairly and have the same opportunities. Read more […]