From Jackie O. to Michelle O.: A Loss of Dignity

Despite, or perhaps even because of, President John F. Kennedy’s licentiousness and debauchery, he is a hero of the left. This is also despite, and not because of, his political policies that rival those of modern-day Republicans. But Democrats can keep him, as far as I’m concerned. This serial philanderer’s assassination 50 years ago tomorrow also plays a significant part in his idolization by the left. He became a legendary martyr. What’s more romantic than a handsome man, relatively young, Read more […]

Rap Culture Breeds Degenerates

I was watching Maury the other day, that talk show in which Maury Povich invites onto his stage a slew of freaks and lowlifes, hoping to help their personal lives in some way. The topic at the bottom of the screen to remind the viewers just what sort of juiciness we were dealing with was something along the lines of, “Help! I’m 18 and my boyfriend abuses me!” There were three young women sitting in the chairs onstage, two of them white and one black, and they each told their story about their Read more […]