Country Dumb: Are Politicians Stupid or Sly?

“So, Did you wipe the server or what?” A reporter had the nerve to ask Hillary Clinton this question directly. Her response: “What? Like with a cloth or something?” I guess you can take this as sarcasm or stupidity, depending on which way you lean. Is Hillary Clinton playing dumb? If she were, she wouldn’t be the first politician to do it. Play dumb, you ask? No, most of them are actually stupid, right? It’s hard to say. It’s certainly true that the list of politicians who have Read more […]

Will Hillary Clinton Go to Prison for Perjury?

Hillary Clinton has gotten herself in some deep water. It’s yet to be determined whether or not she will be able to swim out of it. The FBI requested and finally received the private email server Clinton used exclusively as Secretary of State. And it has now come to light that some of the emails she ran through her private servers contained classified information, in spite of her many claims otherwise: Word that Clinton had relented on giving up possession of the server came as Republican Sen. Read more […]