How the Benghazi Hearings Make Hillary Clinton Look Good

The biggest news coming out of the Benghazi hearings had nothing to do with the substance of its investigations. It didn’t have to do with whether or not Hillary Clinton had prior knowledge of the attacks, acted swiftly enough, or dealt honestly with American citizens in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks. What was the trending news: the condescending pauses that Republican Rep. Peter Roskam called for multiple times: Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) repeatedly halted his questioning of Hillary Read more […]

Hillary Clinton … the Gambler’s Choice for Next President

Love her or hate her, Hillary Clinton is far and away the gambler’s choice for next president. According to the odds, Hillary Clinton is a clear favorite, not just beating out her nearest competitor, but nearly beating out the entire field of her competitors combined. Ouch: If you had to bet $100 on any single person to win the 2016 general election—to win $100 if you guess correctly—every rational gambler would chose Clinton. According to online betting markets, she remains the overwhelming Read more […]

Why Hillary Clinton is Just Like Her Husband in All the Wrong Ways

Hillary Clinton apparently has more in common with her husband than his last name. Before Hillary Clinton’s emails had been subpoenaed by the FBI, Clinton insisted, quite adamantly, that she had never sent or received classified information on her private server. That claim might have been true in a technical sense, but it smells like the kind of hair-splitting deception that made Slick Willy famous: . . . The presence of classified information in e-mails Clinton wrote appears to contradict Read more […]

Will Hillary Clinton Go to Prison for Perjury?

Hillary Clinton has gotten herself in some deep water. It’s yet to be determined whether or not she will be able to swim out of it. The FBI requested and finally received the private email server Clinton used exclusively as Secretary of State. And it has now come to light that some of the emails she ran through her private servers contained classified information, in spite of her many claims otherwise: Word that Clinton had relented on giving up possession of the server came as Republican Sen. Read more […]

Why Young Feminists Don’t Love Hillary Clinton … and Why it Won’t Matter

An article in the National Journal explores why many young feminists aren’t gushing over Hillary Clinton and her 2016 presidential bid. The main problem boils down to the fairly contemporary concept of intersectionality: As the feminism of [Betty] Friedan and second-wave stalwarts like Gloria Steinem moved into the mainstream, some began to criticize it as a movement tailored to white women of means. Who, they asked, would clean the homes and care for the children of Friedan’s liberated middle-class Read more […]

Is it Sexist to Call Hillary Clinton “Hillary”?

Some feminists think it is sexist that Hillary Clinton is called by her first name when male candidates are called by their last. They think this uncovers a deep-seated inequality and all that: Laura F. Edwards, a history professor at Duke University who studies gender, said calling a woman by her first name is part of a larger problem in our culture in how to acknowledge women, who have always used their fathers’ and husbands’ names because they were never expected to have a public place in Read more […]

Does it Matter that Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email for State Business?

It recently came out that Hillary Clinton was conducting all of her state business through a personal email account (and even her own server) while she was Secretary of State, apparently breaking the rules for state correspondence: Mrs. Clinton did not have a government email address during her four-year tenure at the State Department. Her aides took no actions to have her personal emails preserved on department servers at the time, as required by the Federal Records Act. It was only two months Read more […]