Increased Minimum Wage to Cause Layoffs and Higher Prices for Goods

Over the past couple of months, a number of articles have been written about the dangers of raising the minimum wage as high as the Democrats are pushing for.  It seems that the Democrats are planning on using the minimum wage, immigration reform and income inequality as their campaign platforms in this year’s midterm elections. If a recent report is accurate, I recommend that Republicans also use minimum wage as part of their campaign platforms.  According to the report, if the minimum wage Read more […]

Associated Press Admits Obamacare Is Killing The “Recovery”

This story at Yahoo! Finance reads like something from the alternative media. Meet Teresa Hartnett: “Hartnett was getting enough steady business that she was ready to take on 60 employees. ‘I was particularly excited about offering benefits,’ she says. That enthusiasm died when Hartnett met with her accountant to be sure she could afford the expansion. Hartnett was faced with the prospect that, once she had 50 workers, she’d be subject to the ACA. She considered expanding her company with Read more […]