Atheists Outraged Over School Football Team’s Baptism

Atheists with the Freedom From Religion Foundation are outraged that a school football team coach allowed some of his team players to be baptized. No one would have said anything, and no cared about the baptisms until a “concerned citizen” complained about them. Not long after that concerned citizen registered his complaint, the FFRF sent their letter of rebuke to the school district. (I wonder if that “concerned citizen” was the FFRF.) They’re offended that this particular school football Read more […]

“Virginity Rocks” Shirt Banned At Public School

“…her vice principal told her that the shirt could distract the classroom environment, with the possibility that it ‘opens up too many doors for conversations.'” – EAG News, quoting 5News A female junior high student in Fayetteville, Arkansas was reprimanded for wearing a certain shirt, which the administration said was inappropriate, because it could cause a distraction in the classroom, or open the door to unwelcome conversations. This shirt was not a violation of the dress code, it was not Read more […]

Lt. Col. Barred from Entering Daughter’s High School because Uniform ‘Might Offend People’

Lt. Col. Sherwood Baker has served in the US Army for 24 years with multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet one of his toughest encounters may have just taken place here in America. Baker had an appointment with the counselor at Rochester Adams High School to discuss his daughter’s schedule. This was a new high school for her and Baker just wanted to make sure she had the right classes. He arrived at the high school in his uniform having come straight from an appointment. When he Read more […]

Another High Schooler Suspended for Wearing Gun Shirt

Actually, I should clarify that he was given a chance by the principal to turn his shirt inside out. When the student refused, he was suspended. Breitbart reported:  On May 6, Hindsdale High School senior Chris Borg was suspended after choosing to go home instead of turning his shirt with an image of an AK-47 inside out. Borg said “the dean of students… offered him the chance to turn the shirt inside out,” but he “felt it was an infringement of [his] First Amendment right to freedom of expression.” Borg Read more […]

Michelle Obama Ruining Graduation for 800 High Schoolers and Families

Every year, the president, vice president and many other politicians and celebrities receive hundreds of requests to speak at high school and college graduations.  Who knows what prompts them to select their choices, but a lucky few schools are chosen.  You would think the students and their parents would be excited to have a famous celebrity speak at their graduation, but that is not the case for 5 Topeka, Kansas high schools. The school board in Topeka was among the hundreds of schools that Read more […]

High School Senior Arrested And Expelled For Leaving Hunting Rifle In His Car

We know what happens when a 6-year-old student makes the mistake of fashioning his hand in the shape of a gun or eating a pop tart into the same shape. He gets suspended for a few days so that he can think about what he’s done and the dire emotional trauma that his fellow classmates surely experience as a result. Kids are being conditioned that guns are evil, and that any representation of them is the appearance of evil and should be treated as such. So what happens when a student brings a real Read more […]

High School Car Wash Shut Down Due to “Environmental Violations”

Doing car washes is an easy way to raise a little money. Pick a Saturday, get a group of volunteers together, and set up in a parking lot right outside some food establishment (as long as the owner’s OK with it). Wash people’s cars at no charge (with the drivers’ consent) and most of the time, people will throw in a couple dollars in tips. By the end of the day, you might end up with several hundred dollars. And then you use the money toward whatever project you were saving up for. California Read more […]

Liberal Self-Esteem Culture Is Killing Our Children

“Idle youth, enslaved to everything; by being too sensitive I have wasted my life.” – Arthur Rimbaud How much time do we waste by being sensitive? What portion of our lives are frittered  away by being hurt? Oversensitivity has become an epidemic—to use a woefully overused word I despise. Over the last two decades or so, self-esteem and self-worth ideology has become a central piece of the lives of every American child. There is certainly value in cultivating a child’s self-worth, but just Read more […]

Underage Female Students Forced To Tolerate Sexual Harassment By “Transgender” Boy

Oh, to be a high-school boy and have permission to use the girls’ locker rooms and the girls’ bathrooms and sit a mere two feet from a hot high-school chick using the toilet with only an inch of Formica separating them! But how to live out such a fantasy? The solution would make a perfect ’80s screwball comedy, perhaps starring Emilio Estevez or Matthew Broderick, who has a crush on the blonde captain of the cheerleading squad and, in order to see her naked in the locker rooms, starts attending Read more […]

NYC Bypasses Parents to Provide Plan B Morning After Pills to High Schoolers

If you’re the parent of a teenage daughter attending high school in New York City, be warned that the New York City Department of Education has just usurped your parental authority and rights. Thirteen high schools within the NYC school district will be providing Plan B morning after pills to girls as young as 14 without any parental permission or knowledge.  Supposedly, parents can opt their daughters out of the program, but nothing says the girls still won’t have access when they are at Read more […]