Government Failures You Are Paying For

In the past, I’ve listed a number of absurd projects that Congress has funded such as $876,752 to study the sex life of snails or $384,949 to study duck penises.  There are literally hundreds of projects like these that are consuming millions of dollars, most of which should be cut from federal monies. But have you ever considered just how many taxpayer dollars are being poured into failed or failing government projects or departments?  The Heritage Foundation recently compiled a short list Read more […]

US No Longer in Top 10 of Most Economically Free Countries

The Wall Street Journal and the Heritage Foundation released their 2014 Index of Economic Freedom, and, unsurprising to most of us, the United States has dropped out of the top ten most economically free countries. This is due in part to our escalating economic regulations and out-of-control debt, but it also has to do with growing freedoms in other parts of the world. The Wall Street Journal reports: The most improved players are in Eastern Europe, including Estonia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. Read more […]

NYT Discovers Truths Of Obamacare 4 Years After Heritage Foundation Warnings

Remember Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s famous words about having to pass the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to find out what’s in it?  Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation already knew what was in the bill before Congress passed it.  He obtained a draft copy in January 2010 and read through the entire health tome. The Heritage Foundation began warning Americans then about what the bill would really do.  The two major things that Rector gleaned from combing through the voluminous bill Read more […]

The Hidden Evils of Obama’s Budget Proposal

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama released his long awaited and dreaded budget proposal.  He claims that it will help lead to a deficit reduction of over $1 trillion over the next 10 years, which breaks down to only a reduction of $200 billion a year.  He also claims that his proposal will help lead efforts towards a balanced budget in the near future.  Lastly, he also claims that his math is sound. The moment his budget proposal was released, hundreds of people and organizations immediately Read more […]