Cost of Nearing $2 Billion

Ow. Ow. My head hurts. How is it possible for one website’s costs to come anywhere near $2 billion? But a recent report by the Department of Health and Human Resources (HHS) indicates that, the troubled online market for Obamacare, is going to end up costing the federal government about 1.7 billion dollars: The 60 contracts related to the development and operation of the Federal Marketplace started between January 2009 and January 2014. The purpose of the 60 contracts ranged from Read more […]

White House: We Don’t Have The Technology To See How Many Are Covered Under Obamacare

They have the technology to spy on every single American and foreign leader; read our e-mails and texts; monitor our internet usage; listen in on our cell phone conversations; track us through an ever-growing network of surveillance means, including unmanned aerial vehicles and cameras; watch what we post on Google or Facebook; crack any encryption system in the world with a “super” quantum computer (actually, they’re still working on that one); and store much of this information in a ginormous Read more […]

$122 Million Payments To Contractor Being Withheld By States

CGI Group was hired by the federal government to construct the government’s website.  We’ve all heard about the dismal failure of their website.  It couldn’t handle the load of people trying to use.  When people did manage to log on, it often would crash during their enrollment application process.  For some of the few that managed to complete the process, the website deleted some or all of the person’s information or it failed to register their application and so on. I Read more […]

Liberal Site Says Obamacare Damaging To Liberalism

The far-leftists over at ran an op-ed titled “Obamacare’s Threat to Liberalism.” As one who is on the opposite side of the political spectrum from the article’s writer, it was a reaffirming article for me to read. What I mean by that is that for quite a while now I’ve been an advocate of letting Obamacare taint the public’s perception of Democratic competence; of letting it serve as a strong warning against left-wing politics; of, simply, letting Obamacare be. At least until such Read more […]

Obama: “More Than a 100 Million Americans Already Successfully Enrolled” Under Obamacare

Just imagine if Bush had said something like this. Now, I’m not a Bush fan, but anytime a member of the GOP makes a gaffe, that person is excoriated in the media. When it’s a Democrat, well, he was probably tired from all the hard work from his many years of service to this country, which he loves dearly. When he was campaigning for president, Obama was recounting to his audience that he had visited “57 states.” Either there are 7 more states that we don’t know about, or Obama didn’t Read more […]

Pelosi Claims Half Million People Have Enrolled In Obamacare: 5 Times More Than Actual Figures

The numbers are in and are not at all surprising. Just over 100,000 people in the entire U.S. have “selected a plan” as of November 2. Healthcare officials disclosed that this number also includes people who have not yet paid for their insurance, but have simply added their required-by-law product to their online shopping cart: The administration says a total of 975,407 applied for coverage and received an eligibility determination, but have not yet selected a plan. In addition to the 106,185 Read more […]

Government Violates Fed Law, Provides Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Free Prescription Drugs To Illegal Aliens

America is drowning in the problems associated with Obamacare.  First of all, the White House awarded a multimillion dollar contract to a longtime friend of Michele Obama to build the Obamacare website,  We have seen how wise of a decision that was since the website is awash with hundreds of problems.  I wonder how many more millions of dollars it’s costing taxpayers to pay for the utter failure of Michele’s good friend? Then we have the costs of Obamacare.  Oh sure, some Read more […]

System Overload: 6 People Signed up for Obamacare on Day 1

There’s a very good reason that no one in any position of authority claims to know the number of Obamacare enrollees thus far. Everyone knew it was because there were so few people enrolling that it was an utter embarrassment. But now we have some official numbers, even though HHS and CMS claim they don’t have any data. They’d rather be seen as ignorant rather than as administrators of a complete and humiliating failure. But it’s worse when you find out they really do have the numbers, and Read more […]

Sebelius: “The Website Has Never Crashed”

According to Sebelius, the website is functional. All those complaints from people claiming that it isn’t working must be made up and have now become the conservative talking points. Or they’re all isolated incidents. Millions of isolated incidents. Whatever the case, it’s not the website. Perhaps users just need to restart their computers. Or make sure they’re connected to the internet. CNN reported:  “We were anxious to get the website up and running and functional, Read more […]

Liberal Robert Reich: Obamacare Was Republicans’ Idea

If the Obamacare rollout had been a success, the Dems would be gloating and saying, “See? I told ya so.” They’d be talking about how they had immense opposition from the racists in the tea party, but after a long fight, they were victorious. And now, thanks to their tenacity, everyone has access to free healthcare insurance, and everyone’s fitter, happier and more productive as a result. That may have been their pipe dream, but that certainly didn’t come true. The rollout has been such Read more […]

Obamacare Glitches Go Beyond Just the Website

So they’re telling people that if they’re having problems signing on to to search for plans or to apply for insurance, they can always call that 800 number to speak to a representative who can take down your information for you. You can apply by phone or by snail mail. In other words, we’ve got options if the internet isn’t doing it for us. But it turns out, all that information has to be entered into the same web portal that you’d have to otherwise do yourself. These Read more […]

Sebelius On Those Calling for Her Resignation: I Don’t Work for Them

I am generally ambivalent towards Sebelius’s resignation. Don’t get me wrong. It’d be nice to see her fired or forced to resign. But then she’d be replaced by someone equally as power hungry or moreso. It’s kind of like calling for Bernanke’s resignation. How can someone adequately fill a position to run an institution that is in and of itself unconstitutional and immoral? Everybody knows that if Sebelius were forced to resign, Obamacare would not cease to be a disaster. But politicians Read more […]