Doctor: “We Don’t Prevent Any More We Just Treat Existing”

My wife went to the doctor yesterday to get a refill on a prescription.  She has a history of recurring urinary tract infections, but treating them is difficult because there are a number of medications that she can’t take.  They have tried numerous varieties and she either reacts to the medication or it does nothing to cure her infection.  Nearly twenty years ago, one doctor found a medication that worked. Since she had such a history of infections, he gave her a prescription for 60-90 pills Read more […]

AARP Dumps Obama After First Presidential Debate

In the first presidential debate last week between President Barack Obama and Republican Challenger Mitt Romney, Obama invoked the support of AARP for Obamacare.  When Romney attacked Obamacare for being a partisan plan that raises costs and will leave about 20 million more Americans uninsured than before, Obama mentioned that AARP supported his health plan. Twice the president invoked AARP’s support saying: “And this is not my own — only my opinion. AARP thinks that the savings that we obtained Read more […]