Ted Cruz’s Harvard Education Will Not Hurt Him with Conservatives

Elitist Kasie Hunt asks if Ted Cruz’s Harvard education may be a turn-off for Conservative voters. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” – George Orwell Ever since he was elected to the Senate in 2012, Ted Cruz has been a target of the left. Now that he’s announced his designs to run for president, the target has eclipsed the man. At this point, the leftist media will do everything they can to degrade Cruz’s image, even in the most petty way. How petty has the media Read more […]

Harvard Approves Mandatory “White Privilege” Brainwashing Orientation

New students at Harvard University will soon be treated to a mandatory special orientation program designed to teach them all about societal “privilege and power” structures. The group responsible for overseeing the program explains (kind of) what the “class” is: A mandatory power and privilege training that examines components of race, gender, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, ability, religion, international status, and power differentials . . . And why it’s important for Harvard Read more […]

Young Voters Turning Against Obamacare Will Mean Its Collapse By 2016

In 2008 and 2012, Barack Obama won the presidency with five key demographic groups: women, blacks, Hispanics, young and fraudulent voters.  A year after the last election, Obama has been losing a significant number of voters in several of those demographic groups, namely women and young voters.  In fact, some polls indicate that if the election were held this November instead of last year that Romney would easily defeat Obama and win the White House. Those young people aren’t only abandoning Read more […]

Race, IQ, And The Heritage Foundation Resignation

After the Heritage Foundation put out a report claiming that immigration “reform” will cost more in public funds than immigrants will contribute in taxes, opponents accused one of the contributors of racism because of his PhD dissertation at Harvard. Jason Richwine has suddenly resigned from the Heritage Foundation and it seems he was forced to do so. According to Fox News, his resignation “has triggered an impassioned skirmish among conservatives – who are divided over whether Jason Richwine Read more […]

Another Dangerous But Plausible Left Wing Idea

I think any rational American recognizes that raising income and capital gains taxes on wealthy Americans will not reduce the deficit or pay down our national debt any time soon if at all. Actually, confiscation of all income wouldn’t even make a dent in it. Likewise, printing money is not a long term solution to our economic troubles or unemployment problem. So unless some radical steps are taken to reduce entitlement spending, we can all look forward to more economic erosion and income redistribution; Read more […]