Cop Harasses Elderly Couple for Having Tinted Windows

While the police department acknowledges that their deputy may have gone too far with this particular innocent elderly couple, one of whom has cancer, nothing’s going to happen to the cop who assumed that the couple must have been drug traffickers, all because they had tinted windows in their Toyota. The cop who pulled over this North Carolina couple, who were driving back home through Georgia after having spent some time with family in Texas, usually works in the narcotics division for the Read more […]

Report: The IRS Actually Didn’t Target Liberal Groups

It was nearly a year ago that the IRS started making headlines about their targeting of tea party groups and their delaying or rejecting of various conservative groups’ applications for tax-exempt status based on their political opinions. In short, the IRS was targeting Obama’s political enemies and trying to prevent them from gaining any ground. Whenever conservatives brought up the IRS scandal, liberals’ usual line of defense was that the IRS didn’t single out any conservative or “tea Read more […]