Hank Johnson Calls Planned Parenthood Hearing a “Show Trial”; Admits he Hasn’t Even Seen the Videos

Every time I see Hank Johnson’s name in the news, I can’t help but think of that moment that propelled him into political stardom:  when he said he was afraid that if there were too many troops stationed on Guam, that the island itself might capsize. He later claimed he was joking. Even if he were, it was too late. The damage had been done. No matter what he’s done or said since then that might be considered good, the only thing people will remember about him is his concern about Guam capsizing. Read more […]

Democrat Hank Johnson: “We Don’t Have Enough” Taxes

Georgia Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson said that we don’t have enough taxes to help the government do what it needs to do. He said that the solution is to tax the rich and corporations so that they’re paying their fair share. CNS News reported: Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) says when it comes to taxes, “we don’t have enough to do what the government – and do what the country needs the government to do and that’s the problem.” The Georgia Democrat told WABE radio last week that, “If Read more […]

On Conservatives’ Wish List and Liberals’ Kill List: Privacy

Rep. Hank Johnson, a Democrat of Georgia, came out the other day in support of a constitutional amendment to prevent corporations from donating to political campaigns. Of course, inasmuch as corporations are not sentient entities and therefore can neither donate money nor even think about doing so, corporations do not donate to political campaigns. The people who work for the corporations do, however, and in reality it is the rights of these people that Johnson wants to limit: “[Y]ou are being Read more […]