Police Unable to Return Gun to Legal Owner Due to Colorado’s Gun Laws

If you would have asked to me three years ago to list the states with the strictest gun control laws, I would have answered New York, Maryland, Connecticut and Washington DC. If you were to ask me the same question today, I would have to add Colorado after the new anti-gun laws they passed last year. Not only has Colorado’s anti-gun laws forced several firearms companies to leave the state along with the Outdoor Channel cancelling 4 TV programs filmed in the state, but now the new laws are stopping Read more […]

Teen Suspended For Stopping Gun Violence

We live in a strange world; a world where someone doing something right can be punished; a world where stopping violence leads to unfortunate consequences. Ever since the spate of recent shootings, all gun related incidents are garnering huge attention. A student wearing a Marines tee shirt, with guns on it, was punished; a kindergartener with a toy gun gets severely punished; the most ridiculous and innocuous incidents are overreacted to. Now, we have yet another incident–in this case, someone Read more […]

Cleveland Man Shoots Another Burglar

Last November, 43 year old man broke into the home of Miodrag Burgarcic of Cleveland.  The burglar was brandishing a knife and threatened the life of Burgarcic, so Burgarcic shot and killed the intruder.  Police investigated the incident and ruled the shooting was justifiable and legal. You would expect that most would be burglars had taken notice of the shooting and that they would avoid trying to break into Burgarcic’s house.  Evidently, not all criminals watch the news, because early Monday Read more […]