D.C. Police Chief Blames Increase in Homicides on States with Lax Gun Laws

This is the left’s natural response anytime the data show an increase in crimes, particularly homicides involving guns. Obviously, the increase can’t be because of strict gun laws. It has to be because people buy their guns and high-capacity magazines in states with lax gun laws and then bring their contraband into cities with strict gun laws. The Daily Caller reported: [D.C.] is in the midst of a spike in murders that has brought it to nearly 30 percent above the same time last year and Read more […]

Seattle Moves Forward with “Gun Violence Tax” on all Guns and Ammo

Seattle city council president Tim Burgess’ proposed ordinance that the city impose a $25 tax on all firearms and a 5-cent tax on every round of ammo will move forward. The revenues from this “gun violence tax,” as they’re calling it, will go to help the city’s gun control efforts. First of all, this proposed ordinance will be in violation of state law, and since gun control proponents are all about being in compliance with the law, they should consider this. State law prohibits cities and Read more […]

Fail: NBC Airs “Moving” Gun Violence Video Featuring Only Black Murderers

This is slightly baffling. What I would have expected to see in this “moving” gun violence video was either confessions and statements of regret from only white murderers in prison, or those of imprisoned convicts of an equal array of races. NBC decided to do a short special where convicted murderers were interviewed about what they did. The focus wasn’t so much on their acts of murder; it was on the fact that they used guns. And all those who were interviewed were black. Were these Read more […]

Lib Wants Looney Toons Banned Because of “Gun Violence”

As if banning these old cartoons will do anything to stop anyone from acting on their anger against others. Erasing guns or anything that resembles guns or other weapons from history will not make them cease to exist. They’re trying to brainwash kids to be terrified of guns, to believe that they’re evil. And editing guns out of old cartoons is just one more step toward indoctrinating the next generation that guns are only to exist in the hands of government agents and no one else. Writing Read more […]

Gun Violence Plummets, But You’d Never Know it From Listening to Politicians and the Media

Liberal politicians and talking heads like (former host) Piers Morgan ask the same sanctimonious question after a media-publicized shooting. “How many more have to die in order for us to do something about gun violence?” What they won’t tell you of course is that “gun violence” has been going down for decades. The media might be reporting on incidents of gun violence a lot more than they ever have, but in reality, there have been far fewer occurrences in recent years of homicides involving Read more […]

Washington Post Portrays Family Tragedy About Rage And Alcohol As “Gun Violence”

The people at the Washington Post have an agenda and will exploit any amount of suffering and shame to fulfill it. This story is certainly worth printing and reading as a horrifying morality tale about where rage, abusive behavior, and drunkenness can lead. But no, the headline dictates the interpretation: “After Dad Shot Mom: a family deals with the haunting legacy of gun violence.” The editorial team couldn’t pass up a chance to frame the private firearm. There is no justification in this Read more […]

It’s Not The Guns, You Liberal Morons; It’s The Gangs

It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that gang related crime, violence and murder is on a well-financed rise in our nation. If you are wondering why American cities like Chicago are experiencing uncontrollable increases in murders and crimes involving guns look no further than liberal Democrat’s failed socio-economic policies and the associated growth of street gang membership.  For decades, Democrats wrapped in civil rights banners have paved the way for the growth of violent crime in American Read more […]