Why I Love Rahm: Chicago to Video-Record Gun Sales–by the Psychotic Liberal

By the Psychotic Liberal: RAHM EMANUEL IS THE BEST MAYOR EVER OMG! I can totally see why President Barack Obama hired him in his first term. This guy really knows his stuff and he’s very progressive. We need his brand of progress in this country. Here’s the awesome news from CBS’s Chicago affiliate: Mayor Rahm Emanuel is proposing a far-reaching ordinance that would keep gun stores out of most parts of the city and require them to videotape every sale to deter customers from buying firearms Read more […]

FBI Harassing Gun Shops to be on the Lookout for “People Talking About Big Government”

The government downplays Islamic terrorism and exaggerates the threat of domestic terrorism involving white, “anti-government” activists. If you’re critical of our government in any way, that makes the government suspicious of you. You’re a potential terrorist if you’re pro-life, opposed to high taxes, critical of a fractional-reserve banking system, or hold the U.S. Constitution in high regard. Any of those things will raise red flags and put you on some government list. A gun shop Read more […]