Gun Sales Up Even More Amid Christmas Season

Gun sales have already been on the rise since the Paris attacks and San Bernardino. And in spite of all the rhetoric and legislative propositions coming from the left as to how to deal with “gun violence,” the country has in general moved away from gun control. This year was already seeing a gun sales trend, as gun sales hit record highs seven months in a row through November. Sales spiked on Black Friday, and this year is on pace to break records with gun sales. All they need is to pass 1.2 Read more […]

Guess What’s Happening to These Stores’ Guns Sales Following San Bernardino Shooting

Turner’s Outdoorsman is a gun store/range just a couple miles away from where the San Bernardino shooting happened recently that left 14 dead and 21 injured. They’ve seen a surge in gun sales immediately following the tragic incident. Politicians and media used the event to push for more gun control. But people haven’t completely swallowed all the propaganda. They’re fearful, but they’re not looking to the government for protection. They know when seconds count, the police are minutes Read more […]

See the ‘Controversial’ Billboard Featuring Santa Claus and a Semi-Automatic Rifle

This billboard in North Carolina is causing a little bit of a stir with residents. It’s a billboard advertising for Blackstone Shooting Sports – a local gun range and store – and it features Santa Claus holding a semi-automatic rifle. The caption reads, “Santa knows what you really want!” When I first read the news article, I wondered why reporters were asking drivers what they thought of the billboard. Did someone bring it to the station’s attention? Did a resident complain to Read more […]

Gun Sales Hit Record High for 7th Month in a Row

Every time there’s a mass shooting or a terrorist attack, two things happen in the aftermath. One, liberals call for more gun control, and two, lots and lots of people go out and buy guns and ammo. The more liberals call for more gun control, the more people go out and restock and add to their arsenal. The Washington Free Beacon reported: The Bureau processed 2,243,030 checks through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System in November, an increase of 236,111 checks over the previous Read more […]

Gun Control Talks Force Gun Sales Up

Liberals always blame gun sales increases on the NRA. But people don’t need inspiration from the gun manufacturers and lobbyists in order to go out and buy guns. All they need is some tragedy to happen and then the predictable calls from the left to create more restrictions on guns, as if guns are the only means to carry out violent acts. Guns do make violent acts easier, but that’s also why guns need to be in the hands of law-abiding citizens. Liberals always take advantage of tragedies involving Read more […]

Gun Sales Surge in Chattanooga after Shooting

It’s interesting to see how people respond differently to tragedies. In the wake of the Chattanooga mass murder, we heard the predictable calls by politicians to crack down on guns. They think that an inanimate object needs to be under more stringent controls so that it’s harder for people to have access to them. This is supposed to be a deterrent for criminals. Other people see the tragedy as a reminder to better protect themselves and their families by stocking up on guns and ammo. They Read more […]

Operation Choke Point Illegally Restricts 2nd Amendment

Obama recently unveiled Operation Choke Point, an executive cocktail intended to force banks and payment processors to divine what their customers are using their services to procure—and prohibit such sales/transactions if they fall under a wide range of “high-risk” goods of services. Well, prohibit is the wrong word. Operation Choke Point isn’t a law. It’s a policy of enforcement. So a bank or payment processor is allowed to have whatever customers it wants, but the DOJ might sue/raid/charge Read more […]

Obama-Appointed Judge Overturns Chicago’s Gun Sale Ban

Illinois’ and Chicago’s gun laws have taken a beating over the past few years. For a while, Illinois was the only state left to have an outright ban on concealed carry. You could have a gun, but it couldn’t leave your house. A little over a year ago, the U.S Appeals Court struck down their ban as unconstitutional and forced their state legislature to formulate laws that would allow concealed carry. They finally enacted a concealed carry law last summer, albeit a highly restrictive one. Now, Read more […]

Police Rob Taxpayers And Gun Purchasers While Accusing Gun Sellers Of All Gun Crimes

Guns aren’t cheap. Even if there are relatively cheap guns, many would love to be able to afford a better one. Furthermore, one has to save enough not only for the gun, but also for the ammunition for target practice and other expenses to be a responsible gun owner. Anything that raises the price of firearms is a problem. The Baltimore County Police Department is about to retire almost 2000 Sig Sauer handguns. But rather than sell them and thus help with their budget, the police have decided Read more […]

Black Friday was Good Friday for Gun Sales

Black Friday 2011 set a new record for gun sales with 129,166 background check requests.  Many read it as a sign that Americans were uncertain about the future of the United States and were arming themselves to protect their property and family. This year’s Black Friday topped last year’s gun sales by a whopping 20%.  The FBI reported 154,873 background check requests.  The actual figure on total gun sales is undoubtedly higher because only one background check is needed for the purchase Read more […]