Criminal Tries to Break into Texas Home; Gets Shot Three Times

If he had been somewhere like New York City, he’d probably have been fine. Gun ownership is strongly discouraged there, and people have a general fear of guns. If he had broken into someone’s house there, he probably would have been able to get whatever he wanted and leave unharmed. But Texas is a different story. People there own guns and use them in these kinds of breaking-and-entering cases: A man was shot several times when investigators say he tried to break into a Pasadena home in the Read more […]

Crazy Man Learns the Hard Way not to Bring a Stick to a Gunfight

A 62-year-old man from Austin, Texas named Jordan Lowe was apparently visiting a friend in New Orleans when he decided to try to break into people’s parked cars. He opened the door to one where a woman was in the driver’s seat. As soon as he tried to get in, she put it in reverse, and Lowe fell out of the car. Lowe found another car to break into. This time, he had a large stick and started beating the car owner. The owner ran to his house while the crazy man followed him with the stick. The Read more […]

Homeowner Shoots and Kills Intruder With One Shot

A homeowner in Tennessee shot once and killed an intruder who broke in his house through one of the front windows. It’s important to remind ourselves why we bring up these stories. It’s not because we have some “fascination with guns,” as a police chief in Ohio stated in response to a tragic incident where a 3-year-old had shot a 1-year-old in the face. It’s not because we have a sick fascination with “gun violence” or death. It’s always tragic when someone loses his life, whether Read more […]

Armed Homeowner Shoots and Kills Armed Rapist

This armed rapist and robber got exactly what he deserved, and it’s all thanks to an armed homeowner who was protecting his neighbor. Breitbart recounted the story: According to WBRC 6, the 17-year-old and two other suspects allegedly broke into the home around 3 a.m. The teenager then allegedly raped the homeowner at gunpoint while the other two suspects “ransacked the home.” The two other suspects then reportedly left, but the 17-year-old stayed behind and allegedly beat the woman about Read more […]

Tulsa Residents Have Killed More Criminals Than Police Have

So far this year, there have been eleven homicides in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Six of those were at the hands of armed law-abiding citizens defending themselves. Police haven’t had to kill any thus far. The Daily Caller reported: Tulsa has had 11 homicides in 2015, nearly half of them by regular people acting legally in self-defense, Tulsa World reports. “It’s been an odd year,” Tulsa police homicide Sgt. Dave Walker told Tulsa World. “I’m sure it will even out over the next 12 months, but, Read more […]

Son Buys His Mom a Gun that She Uses for Intruder

When a son buys his mom a gun, even though he is concerned for her safety, he doesn’t expect her to use it in a week. But this time the son was wrong, because less than a week later, she needed it when someone tried to break in her house. The Blaze reported: A woman was startled out of her sleep early Thursday morning when she heard what sounded like someone breaking into her home. It turned out to be a robbery suspect who police believe was breaking into neighborhood homes in West Columbus, Ohio. The Read more […]

Gun-Owning Business Manager Ends Armed Robbery Spree

An armed robbery duo were making the rounds, hitting up fireworks stands, until one stand manager put an end to the spree with his gun. The two assailants drove up in a Ford Mustang to a Katy, Texas fireworks stand, got out, and one of them pointed his gun at the manager and demanded all his money. The manager said that he had to go to the back to get the money, and that he’d be right back. Of course, he wasn’t entirely telling the truth. He did return, but not with money. He returned with Read more […]

Couple Tied up By 3 Armed Burglars; Man Shoots, Kills One

A group of three armed burglars knocked on the door of this couple’s house, and when the 62-year-old husband answered the door, he immediately tried closing the door on them, because he didn’t recognize them, and they probably looked threatening. (I know, he’s probably a racist, right?) But he was only trying to protect himself and his wife, who was taking a bath at the time. The three thugs, two of whom were armed with a knife and a gun each, forced their way in and beat the man so severely Read more […]

FBI: Crime Fell Last Year Even as Gun Purchases Increased

The FBI is reporting that crime fell last year during a time when gun purchases increased to record levels. This isn’t at all surprising to those of us who value the 2nd Amendment and understand that an armed society is, in general, a polite society. Breitbart reported: As gun sales soared in 2013–with the number of background checks for gun sales breaking records–the FBI reports that violent crime fell sharply below 2012 figures, and property crime rates fell sharply too. On January Read more […]

Chicago Crime Rate Goes Down After Illinois Gun Bill Passed…Coincidence?

The police department is claiming that the reason crime has gone down since their gun bill was passed is simple. It’s that they’ve been doing great police work in getting guns off the streets and out of the wrong hands. But is that really all there is to it? Here’s The Blaze: Robberies are down 20 percent this year, according to Chicago Police Department statistics. Burglaries are also down 20 percent, while motor vehicle thefts are down 26 percent. Chicago Police Department Superintendent Read more […]