Joe Scarborough: The Only Reason Someone Would Want More than 10 Rounds in a Clip is to “Kill U.S. Soldiers”

We’ve heard New York Governor Andrew Cuomo voice a similar opinion when he said that no one needed 10 bullets to kill a deer, as if that’s what the 2nd Amendment is all about. In New Jersey, they allow no more than 15 rounds in gun magazines. But now, the gun control lobby there is yammering for a 10-round limit, something that Governor Chris Christie isn’t yet willing to sign off on. Here’s MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough ranting about Chris Christie’s opposition to limiting gun magazines Read more […]

Colorado Recall Effort Underway Against Gun Grabber Evie Hudak

If you live in Colorado’s 19th Senate District, make your way over to the group’s Arvada headquarters to sign the petition to recall State Senator Evie Hudak. If the effort is successful, she’ll be the third gun-grabber in Colorado’s legislature to lose her seat. The guy behind the recall effort Mike McAlpine said that so far, it’s going “very, very strong.” He didn’t elaborate as to how many signatures they’ve got, but he did say that about 15% of those signing the petition Read more […]