Wal-Mart Employee: No Engagement Photo With Gun; “Promotes Gang Culture”

Couple told they cannot get their engagement photo developed posing with an unloaded shotgun. A Texas couple went to Wal-Mart to have their engagement photos printed for their wedding later that week. They got all their pictures printed except for one:  the one with a shotgun in it. The Wal-Mart chain explained to the customer that the picture with the shotgun “promoted gang culture,” and refused to print it. The rest of the pictures were given to the customer with a note that read, “Minus Read more […]

Texas Pro-Gun Group Seeks To “Condition Texans to Feel Safe” Around Guns

I’m sure you’ve seen all those YouTube videos of people filming themselves legally open carrying somewhere and then recording their encounters with police. In every instance, the police stop and interrogate the gun owner because they got calls from “concerned citizens.” These gun owners aren’t doing anything illegal, but people get freaked out by a guy walking down the street with a gun across his shoulder. So, police are called, and they stop by the open carrier and ask him a series Read more […]

My Culture Doesn’t Treat Guns Like Bling

We are once again approaching that area where truth and racism collide and we grow farther apart as a society. As two families grieve the senseless loss of a young mother and father few words are written exposing the culture of drugs, violence and objectification now swept under the rug so African American pride can avoid responsibility for their collective future. Javon Belcher was not a poorly educated urban black kid when he when he graduated from the University of Maine. By all reports, he Read more […]