By Calling Out Gun Control Lies, Conservatives Have Inspired a New Argument: Confiscation

I have a sick feeling that in an unintentional way, conservatives are leading the United States toward a gun ban. Every time a mass-shooting occurs (unless the shooter is a Muslim), the left collectively dusts off the same old chestnut: More gun control now! In recent years, however, conservatives have grown a backbone, forcefully countering the liberal argument that more stringent gun control laws prevent mass-shootings. This dynamic has intensified with every shooting. Recently, The Washington Read more […]

MSNBC’s Answer to Violent Crime: “Take Away Massive Amounts of Guns”

It was actually a New York Times writer who stated that the only way to reduce violent crime was to “take away massive amounts of guns” from people and drastically reduce the number of gun owners. New York Times, MSNBC, what’s the difference? The context of their discussion was the on-air double murder by Bryce Williams. Josh Barro from the New York Times stated that we should go the way of Australia and confiscate everyone’s guns. He actually said that would reduce violent crime, as if Read more […]

New York Proposes Gun Confiscation Bill

New York legislature is considering bill that would mean gun confiscation for many people. We just reported recently about California’s new law that provides steps for someone to petition a court to issue a “gun violence restraining order” on a family member that would result in confiscation of any firearms that individual possesses. All you’d have to do is present evidence to the court that that particular person is a danger to himself or others, and police would willingly confiscate Read more […]

“Rational Middle Ground”: Gabby Giffords Proposes Steps Toward Gun Confiscation

Why is gun confiscation a bad idea? If you want to reduce “gun violence,” there are two ways to do it. Either you can do an absolute and universal ban on all guns – which would mean even the military and police would have no guns – or you can encourage all good, responsible citizens to own and learn how to use guns. Since the former is unrealistic, the only real alternative is the latter. If you’re anywhere in the middle, if anything, it’ll just make the problem worse. But gun-grabber Read more […]

Obama Loves Australia’s Gun Confiscation Program

In our steady trek toward a progressive socialist country, there is really only one further step in gun control that America can take—outright gun confiscation. Some states have already begun gun registration and all states have gun owner licensing, gun-free zones, and other forms of gun control. But that still isn’t anywhere near as much gun control as leftists would like to see. Here’s what Obama had to say about Australia’s gun control program: Couple of decades ago, Australia had a mass Read more […]

Proposed Maryland Law Could Mean 110,000 Residents Lose Their Firearms

For most of us, this comes as no surprise. This is how they’re going to confiscate guns from people. Through linking the gun registry to their criminal database. California’s been doing this already by linking their gun registry database to their criminal and mental illness database, and now Maryland is following through. If Maryland’s proposed law is passed, it would allow officials to crosscheck their criminal database with their gun registry, and they’d do it at least twice a year. Read more […]

New York Gun-Owners Getting Letters Instructing Them To Turn In Their Weapons

Thanks to New York’s gun registry, officials know exactly what kinds of guns residents have and where these people live. Due to changes in New York’s gun laws with the passage of the misnamed SAFE Act, many residents are now in possession of certain “unlawful” firearms which were previously legal. Kit Daniels of Infowars writes: The notice provides gun owners, who possess firearms now prohibited under New York’s unconstitutional SAFE Act, the “options” to either surrender their Read more […]

Business Owner Jailed for “Loitering” On His Own Property

Eric Lee owns and runs a discounted furniture store in Dekalb County, Georgia called Unclaimed Freight. He was told by local police that the crime rate in that area is exceptionally bad, so it was recommended to him that he carry a firearm. He received a permit and then proceeded to carry a concealed weapon. His business had been the target of thieves in the past, so he was often on the lookout for them at night. One evening, he heard some racket and went outside around the corner of his building Read more […]

Democrat State Senators Accidentally Reveal True Gun Control Agenda

Bryant H. McGill said: “The world is not fair, and often fools, cowards, liars and the selfish hide in high places.” The most notable part of that quote is the part regarding liars. Good liars are well adept at climbing the social and economic ladder to achieve success, regardless of who they have to destroy to get there. At the end of the day, they are motivated by greed or ideology. Either way, their motivation drives them to conceal the truth for the benefit of themselves and their agenda. Read more […]

Alabama Considers Ordinance to Confiscate Guns From “Unruly” People

George Washington said: “The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments.” As a people, we have a tendency to let life slowly pass us by; complaining about the present, but never fighting against that present once it becomes the near past. We have a tendency to tire out rather quickly; eventually just letting things go. We often don’t realize just how far we’ve fallen down the rabbit hole, until we look up, and Read more […]