Female Teacher Guilty of Raping Student Gets Suspended Sentence, No Jail

There seems to be different standards in Oklahoma for punishing male and female teachers for having sex with their students.  If male teachers are caught having sex with a female student under the age of 18, it’s called rape and the male teacher goes to prison.  If female teachers have sex with a male student under the age of 18, she given probation and no jail time. And women keep hollering for equal rights? In March 2012, Shasta Belty called her 17 year old son on his cell phone.  According Read more […]

How Long Should a Teacher Guilty of Multiple Sexual Abuses Spend in Jail?

For the past five years, I can’t remember a month that went by without hearing about one or more teachers that were charged with sexual abuse or rape concerning students.  Contrary to what a lot of locals think, the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area is far from being a large metropolitan area compared to others and if the sexual misconduct of teachers is rampant here, how much more so in those other larger areas? From the number of occurrences to be happening on a regular basis, I can’t help Read more […]

Obama Guilty Of Fundamental Dishonesty & Unable To Lead Says Romney

Last Sunday, Mitt Romney appeared on Meet the Press and spoke most about President Barack Obama.  He pulled no punches in attacking Obama’s lies and deceptions, saying: “He wasn’t telling the truth.” “That fundamental dishonesty has really — has really put in peril the whole foundation of his second term.  I think it is rotting it away.” “[What] has really undermined the president’s credibility in the hearts of the American people is that he went out, as a centerpiece of his Read more […]

Infant Killer, Kermit Gosnell, Found Guilty!

Albert Einstein said: “In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.” Justice is a difficult concept. Every day, we experience small disappointments because justice was not served in the way we believed it should have been. We also experience joy when we see someone get their just desserts. On the other end of the spectrum, the nation experiences anger and sadness when a high-profile criminal Read more […]

Politicians Convicted of Misappropriation of Funds – We Should Do Same for Fed Government

Does this sound familiar?  A group of politicians are elected to public office, they give themselves huge raises and then raise taxes on the citizens.  Sounds like Washington DC, doesn’t it? The case I’m referring to happened in the Bell, California.  Have you ever heard of Bell, California?  Located in Los Angeles County, Bell has a population of around 35,000.  In 2005, an election was held in Bell to see if the residents wanted to make the town a charter city.  Less than 400 voters Read more […]