The Problem isn’t Inversions it’s the Tax Code

Democratic 2016 frontrunner Hillary Clinton slammed tax inversions Monday after it was announced pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Allergan are merging, saying she will unveil proposals to prevent companies from using corporate loopholes to avoid higher tax rates. “I urge Congress to act immediately to make sure the biggest corporations pay their fair share, and regulators also should look hard at stronger actions they can take to stop companies from shifting earnings overseas,” the former Read more […]

High Tax Rates Hurting Competitive Balance in Sports?

According to a new study high tax rates seem to be impacting the competitive balance in the National Hockey League. The study shows that most of the NHL free agents chose to move to teams in locations with lower taxes – saving those players millions of dollars! The NHL may be the first time that we are noticing the trend but it may not stop there. In January of 2014 star Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka signed with Major League Baseball’s New York Yankees for 7-years and $155 MILLION! Sadly Read more […]

Conservative Norquist Endorses Gang Of 8 Immigration Deformity

The loyalties of Grover Norquists seem to be shifting left again. In a factually vacant opinion piece for “The Daily Caller,” Grover Norquist a career lobbyist and President of “Americans for Tax Reform” spuriously claims the current Senate immigration reform bill is “rooted in strong conservative principles” and “will be a stimulus and a jobs package rolled into one.” Given the gravity and magnitude of confirmed economic and social destruction the Gang of 8-immigration bill will Read more […]

The Convenient Loyalties of Grover Norquist

Among the Don’s and Capo’s of the K street syndicate operates a man of considerable yet waning influence, his name is Grover Glenn Norquist. Mr. Norquist’s controversial “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” has come under recent fire from both high ranking Democrats and so-call conservative Republican supporters. To many Americans, Norquist’s small government and tax reform agenda has made him a man worthy of praise. However, as it is with all lobbyists, the general public would do well to consider Read more […]

Against Norquist’s Pledge and Chambliss’ Openness to Tax Hikes

I recently wrote that “As conservatives, we should not be ideological. We should assess situations separately, judging them on their own merit….” I was speaking of our tendency to act like liberals by making big deals out of small gaffes from the President. But what I said likewise applies to conservative’s fiscal views: they should not be ideological. Conservatism does not mean taking a hardline stance. Take taxes, for instance. Conservatism does not mean taxes should be taken off the negotiating Read more […]