Wendy Davis Blames Loss on Ebola

The Wendy Davis campaign is offering up excuses as to why they lost to Greg Abbot, and one is that the Ebola scare drove Republicans to the polls. Writing for Breitbart, Kristin Tate reported: Speaking on behalf of Davis’ campaign, Communications Director Zac Petkanas told the Wall Street Journal, “The losses that you are seeing in very blue states are simply amplified in states like Texas where there is already a structural advantage for Republicans,” he said. The Journal added that, “Another Read more […]

MSNBC: Paraplegic GOP Candidate’s Legs “Matchstick-Thin”

Greg Abbot is the Republican paraplegic running for Texas governor against the gold-digging Planned Parenthood mascot, Democrat Wendy Davis. Abbott has been relegated to a wheelchair since 1984, when an oak tree fell and squashed him as he was running past it. Thirty years without walking has atrophied his legs, rendering them what many people would call “matchstick-thin.” This is also how Abbotts’ legs were described by MSNBC’s Zachary Roth on Friday. “The simple sight of him in his wheelchair,” Read more […]

Wendy Davis Supporters Demand Medical Records To Prove Greg Abbott Really Is A Paraplegic

They get on to people when they insist on seeing evidence that proves Obama was in fact born in the United States. They call them conspiracy theorists for not trusting the official documents released by the administration and for saying the documents are doctored or forged. But when liberals do the same thing, they’re just trying to find the truth. As you know, Wendy Davis’s likely opponent is Greg Abbott, who’s been a wheelchair-bound paraplegic for 30 years. Wendy Davis’s supporters Read more […]