Greenpeace Founder says the Earth is Experience Extreme Cooling!

Scientists and activists warning of catastrophic man-made global warming should look at Earth’s long climate history, according to a co-founder of the environmental group Greenpeace. As it turns out, Earth is currently experiencing one of the coldest climates in its history. “A well-documented record of global temperature over the past 65 million years shows that we have been in a major cooling period since the Eocene Thermal Maximum 50 million years ago,” Dr. Patrick Moore said at a lecture Read more […]

Nuclear France Extremely Dangerous

In France, early Monday morning, a band of Greenpeace activists broke into a French nuclear power plant and hung protest banners. Fortunately for France and the rest of the world, these activists had no desire to do any damage or to hurt anyone. Over the last few years’ environmentalist groups have staged several break-ins at French nuclear facilities to highlight the dangers of atomic power, but also to show that there are security issues at these power facilities. What if the next time Read more […]