Pope Attacks “Money Idol” With Vague Platitudes

Since I haven’t seen a translated transcript yet, I can’t be sure of what the Pope really said. But I can respond to how the Pope’s words are being selectively quoted and portrayed in the media. In the Guardian, for example: “Pope Francis has called for a global economic system that puts people and not ‘an idol called money’ at its heart, drawing on the hardship of his immigrant family as he sympathised with unemployed workers in a part of Italy that has suffered greatly from the recession.” What Read more […]

A Free Market Is Driven By An Ethical Populace, Not Greed

We hear a great deal about the supposed evils of capitalism, the wonders of governmental interference and planning, and the accusation that capitalism is associated with greed. Of course, for many politicians, “capitalism” really means government, tax-financed favors for the “capitalist” who will pass back the most money to politicians. Against that kind of “capitalism” all the accusations are true. But when it comes to a real free market where people are left alone to produce and Read more […]