Global Warming: More Ice on Great Lakes Now Than During Polar Vortex Last Year

CNS News is reporting that there’s more ice coverage over the Great Lakes now than during the polar vortex last year: The total ice cover of the Great Lakes is currently 88.3 percent, or 2.3 percentage points more than it was at the same time during last year’s polar vortex, when 86 percent of the lakes’ surfaces were frozen solid, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The ice accumulation is also much higher than the 51.4 percent long-term average since Read more […]

Global Warming: Great Lakes Over 6 Degrees Colder Than Last Year

The globe is warming up at such an alarming rate due to human activity that the temperature in the Great Lakes is over 6 degrees colder than it was last year. It’s so hot that it’s cold. That of course only makes sense in the mind of a liberal who thinks that up is down, and down is up. Earlier this year in May, we reported about Lake Superior experiencing record high ice levels. From InfoWars: Lake Superior has experienced the highest concentration of ice in late May since modern satellite Read more […]