Claim: Government Shutdown Could Cripple ‘Science’ … Again

In a recent article by the humorously named Scientific American, Joshua Krisch delivered a dire warning on what could happen to “science” if Congress should “shut down” the government again. Apparently, the two weeks of civil government shutdown in 2013 had dire and lasting effects on the scientific community. Lab rats died (from euthanasia to prevent overcrowding), at least one international conference was skipped, scientists were locked out of their labs, and desperate medical volunteers Read more […]

John Kerry: Government Shutdown Causing Diplomatic Problems, Not Surveillance Scandal

According to John Kerry, the government “shutdown” affected more than just those wanting to run on a national park trail or those wanting to see the World War II Memorial or view the Panda Cam at the national zoo. Apparently, the dire consequences of the shutdown we experienced recently extended internationally all the way to our numerous allies. At a speech he gave at the Center for American Progress, he stated: “I wanted to reflect on the damage that events like the one we’ve just Read more […]

WaPo On Gov’t Reopening: I Missed You So Much!

I was against the government shutdown from a strategic standpoint. Republicans didn’t shut it down, but they opposed Obamacare, which led to the Democratic Senate saying, “Fine, we’re not going to fund the government if you insist on delaying Obamacare for the masses, even though we’ve delayed it for our cronies.” Republicans got the brunt of the blame. But whereas I was annoyed about the government shutting down, now I’m nauseated and creeped out by people’s reactions to it opening up again. Yesterday Read more […]

Pelosi On Pork-Stuffed CR Bill: “What Difference Does It Make?”

Pelosi was channeling the spirit of Hillary Clinton at one of her press conferences recently. Reporters were asking her about all the extra stuff that found its way into the bill whose purported purpose was to re-open the government that was never actually shut down and to raise the debt limit so that the world doesn’t explode. Apparently, that’s not all that was in the bill. I mean, it’s not like it’s all that surprising to find out that in this “clean” CR bill, there were appropriations Read more […]

D.C. Residents: Government Shutdown Is “Bush’s Fault’

If you’re at all familiar with my articles, you’ll know that in no way am I a Bush apologist. I’m not a Republican cheerleader. I think at one time I may have been, until it became painfully obvious that the vast majority of politicians, regardless of what letter appeared after their name, were pretty much the same. Their rehearsed speeches may have sounded different depending on their party affiliation, but nothing ever really changed from administration to administration; whether the GOP Read more […]

Shutdown? Send In Joe Biden

With the two sides of Congress still at an impasse and the government still shut down (or at least the parts of the government that don’t matter), President Obama decided yesterday that it was time to bring in a professional. He sent a maid (essential government employee) to fetch Vice President Joe Biden from the White House cellar, where he is kept in restraints in a large wooden box with a few holes poked into the sides for breathing. Biden was wrestled out of the box, putting up a good fight Read more […]

A Plea to Spineless Republican Leaders During the Shutdown

According to the Wall Street Journal: “President Barack Obama and House Republicans began discussions Thursday on a GOP proposal to extend the nation’s borrowing authority for six weeks, marking a new opening in the budget stalemate that risks a U.S. debt crisis.” Noooooooooooo! Are you kidding me?! Just Wednesday I was so proud of the GOP—especially the typical establishment types–because they had hunkered down, and held the line, even closing the government…well, 15% of the government. I Read more […]

DC Mayor To Harry Reid: Stop Shutting Down Government

Is the government shutdown the fault of Republicans? Even if we side with the Democrats that the Republicans “ought to offer a ‘clean’ bill” (a preposterous notion) the Democrats are still to blame. As you may have noticed, this is an incredibly incomplete shutdown. Many things are still being magically funded, and half the things being shut down are only touched because Obama is intentionally trying to cause pain. But, while the Republicans have passed bills that fund parts of that Read more […]

It’s Worse Than You Think: Why the Administration Must Make the Shutdown Hurt

The word is out, no thanks to the unmanned drones who run the “legitimate media.” This administration is purposely trying to make the government shutdown as painful as possible. You’ve got to give them credit for creativity in this: With only 17% of the monstrosity being closed, you really have to search for ways this is hurting anybody. Even the federal worker trotted out on NPR this morning, who has been relegated to building toy block castles with his young son during the days of furlough, Read more […]

Couple Kicked Out of Their Private Home Due to “Government Shutdown”

First it was the World War II Memorial. Then it was the ocean. Now, people are getting kicked out of their own homes because of the faux government shutdown. And I’m sure it’s costing taxpayers more just to enforce closure of these people’s homes than if they were left alone. This particular Nevada couple lives on Lake Mead in a home they’ve lived in since the 70’s. They own the house outright, but since it sits on federal land, a park ranger approached them last week and notified the Read more […]

Ocean Closed “Due to Government Shutdown”

Everyone knows by now that our government hasn’t experienced any kind of “shutdown” at all. It’s turning out to be exactly like the sequestration. They’ve chosen the worst possible places to “cut” in order to elicit their desired reaction. A reaction of outrage from the populace, and with the media’s help, this outrage will be directed solely at the GOP. So, they shut down things like the World War II Memorial, which was mostly funded by about $200 million in private donations. Read more […]

800,000 Furloughed Federal Employees Vs. 11 Million Unemployed Americans

If you dare try to downplay the government “shutdown,” expect some people to comment about how it’s really been bad for their family. They’ll tell you that they have a brother-in-law who works for the Department of Defense, and he’s one of the 800,000 federal employees who are being furloughed while Congress plays their political games. They’ll tell you that their brother-in-law is now struggling to put food on the table for his kids or to pay his rent or buy a big screen TV. Just tell Read more […]