Taxi Cabs vs Uber: How Too Much Government Regulation Kills Our Economy

“Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.” – Milton Friedman It’s not wholly the fault of Barack Obama that we, as a society, have advanced further into a socialist mindset, but the president has certainly done his part to make socialistic ideals more popular than they were prior to his election. He has done this very surreptitiously—well, if you’re a typical, uninformed American voter, that is. For those of us who take the time to understand the Read more […]

Democrat economics getting media play, represents shrinking minority

Over and over again Obama blasts the Republicans for supporting “deregulation” because that “got us into this mess.” The fact that he says it, and the fact that the media and pundits cravenly treat it as thoughtful, is all designed to make you think that everyone else believes it. As you probably already know, banks being allowed to take gigantic risks and then using the government to plunder you to bail them out is not “deregulation” in any meaningful sense of the word. Let the Read more […]