Job Creation: Bored Federal Government Employees Look at Internet Porn to Pass the Time

There’s at least one thing worse than being so swamped at work that it’s impossible to ever catch up:  Being so far ahead that you have nothing to do. Of the two, I’d rather be too busy. Apparently, people working for our gigantic federal government have this problem a lot. Not the “too busy” problem, but the “not-busy-enough” problem. And most of them still collect paychecks and bonuses, despite their having to find other stuff to do to pass the time. Not surprisingly, many Read more […]

Obama’s “Job Creation”: 10 Million People Give up Looking for a Job

Liberals love to bring all the jobs that Obama has “created” since he’s taken office. Something like 2.1 million jobs. Of course, the only way a government can create jobs is by growing itself. Make existing departments bigger. Or add a few or a few hundred. Expand government programs. Sure, it gives new meaning to the term “redundant,” but at least these people have jobs. And their paychecks are being written by the taxpayers. In whatever capacity that the Obama administration believes Read more […]