Is Our Military Budget “Bloated” and “Unauditable”?

Explaining his “no” vote on the National Defense Authorization Act, Sen. Bernie Sanders expressed serious concern over the “bloated military budget.” Even considering the source, his concerns are valid, I think. We have a nearly 40% share of the world’s defense budget, spending more by ourselves than the major national powers of the world combined. That’s crazy. And according to Sen. Sanders, the Government Accountability Office can’t even audit defense spending due to extraordinary Read more […]

TSA Screening Policies Work Little Better than Chance

A new study conducted by the Government Accountability Office confirms what the vast majority of Americans could have told you without thinking: the TSA’s behavioral screening program, SPOT, is not effective in singling out real threats to airline safety. The report cites both recent and decades-old research that “found that the human ability to accurately identify deceptive behavior based on behavioral indicators is the same as or slightly better than chance.” In other words, the TSA’s Read more […]