What Christ Did (and Obama Didn’t)

It is Good Friday as I write this, the day Jesus Christ was a little too faithful in His re-enactment of that Mel Gibson movie. Almost 2000 years ago today, Jesus was mocked, ridiculed, and derided. Had he been a Leftist, this alone would have been enough to make him cry. That’s how you know He wasn’t a Leftist—if he were, the moment the people started making fun of Him He would have said to God, “I give up! Just take me now!” But no, He accepted it. Beyond the insults, of course, and incomparably Read more […]

Black Friday was Good Friday for Gun Sales

Black Friday 2011 set a new record for gun sales with 129,166 background check requests.  Many read it as a sign that Americans were uncertain about the future of the United States and were arming themselves to protect their property and family. This year’s Black Friday topped last year’s gun sales by a whopping 20%.  The FBI reported 154,873 background check requests.  The actual figure on total gun sales is undoubtedly higher because only one background check is needed for the purchase Read more […]