NY Taxi Commission Exposes the Real Racists

One of my favorite passages in Gone with the Wind involves a moment of realization on Scarlet Ohara’s part—that the real racists are the abolitionists. It’s worth repeating here: What damnably queer people Yankees are! Those women [Yankee women who had just told Scarlett they wouldn’t trust a “negro” to be a nurse to their children, and who had insulted Scarlett’s black chauffeur, Uncle Peter, to his face] seemed to think that because Uncle Peter was black, he had no ears to hear with Read more […]

The Mysterious Paradox of Liberal Tolerance

For many years, every time I saw a “Coexist” bumper sticker, I would get perturbed in my spirit, and I didn’t really know why. It wasn’t that I felt criticized. Particularly speaking, I’m an open and forgiving sort. I love discourse and conversation, and the command to “coexist” with people who disagreed with me didn’t seem to have any teeth. I was already doing that. It wasn’t until recently that I realized exactly why this bumper sticker is so patently false in concept and Read more […]

North Korea Preloads Gone With the Wind E-Book onto Official Tablet

Yes! North Korea never ceases to amaze me. Apparently, in lieu of iPads, North Korea offers an official internet-free tablet, the Samjiyon, which comes pre-loaded with state-approved games and books. One of the books preloaded onto the tablet is… drumroll please… Gone With the Wind. Classic! And by the way, Gone With the Wind the movie is illegal in North Korea, though it is used by government officials to teach English to diplomats. (Why do they need diplomats?) This explains the curious Read more […]