GMOs and Unintended Consequences

A small British Columbian company named Okanagan has just received approval to commercially plant and harvest genetically modified apples that do not brown when sliced. These apples join a few other GMOs in a fairly tight circle of commercially produced frankenfruits: The so-called Arctic apples — which will be available in the Granny Smith and Golden Delicious varieties — are genetically engineered in a way to suppress the production of an enzyme that causes browning when cells in the apple Read more […]

Arguments Against Designer Babies Make Abortion Rhetoric Ridiculous

The FDA is currently debating whether or not to allow research into test-tube babies from more than two parents. Some scientists have been postulating that using the genetics from more than one pair of humans could decrease the risk of certain genetic diseases in children. Scientists think they know how to do it, but the FDA has not yet approved the research for humans. There are various reasons why—the most salient being that this technology could open the door for designer babies. Designer Read more […]

Monsanto Corporate Officer Wins “World Food Prize”

Monsanto chief technology officer Robert Fraley was awarded the World Food Prize (the agrarian equivalent of a Nobel Prize) for his technological contributions to food. In other words, for his work developing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). He won this prize because many people (including the illustrious Bill Gates) think that GMOs will end the world hunger problem. Then there are other people who think GMOs will just end the world. First thing, we need to talk about what GMOs actually Read more […]