No, 2015 Wasn’t the Hottest Year on Record

The warm phase of El Niño came at a very opportune time for global warming enthusiasts. Most of the low-information liberals had the same reaction that Bette Midler had, which was to blame the east coast warm winter weather on “climate deniers.” There were some more honest liberals out there who showed that it wasn’t global warming causing the summery weather, but El Niño. As Wikipedia describes: “El Niño is the warm phase of the El Niño Southern Oscillation (commonly called ENSO) and Read more […]

Why the Apolitical Class Always Falls Victim to the Lies of the Left, and What We Can Do About it

I’ve been surrounded by liberalism for many years. My circle of friends is almost entirely liberal, and most of my non-liberal friends are apolitical, leaving them susceptible to political manipulation. Apolitical people tend to lack the ability–whether inborn or learned–to see deceit. Given that, they often fall for liberal ideology, as it is rife with deceit. Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders tweeted the following Monday: “Nobody can recall a Christmas Eve where Read more […]

EPA Warns: Holiday Leftovers Contribute to Global Warming

Where would we be without the EPA’s friendly reminders for us to be responsible stewards of our food and resources? The EPA released a video telling people not to waste food this holiday season, because doing so will contribute to global warming. The food waste ends up in the trash, which ends up in a landfill, which breaks down and decays, releasing methane gas. According to the EPA, methane is a more “potent” greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. And as we all know, these greenhouse gases trap Read more […]

Global Warming: West Coast Ski Resorts Raking in the Dough Amid Record Snowfall

The east coast might be experiencing a simmering winter and dreamt of a white Christmas that never came, but the west coast is experiencing the opposite. After years of dealing with little snowfall, ski resorts on the west coast have been ecstatic recently with above average snow that’s led to a booming business. From Breitbart: Ski Haus owner Beverly Pickett told the Orange County Register that business at her Big Bear Lake rental shop has been “insane” recently, as skiers and snowboarders Read more […]

Flashback: Christmas Eve, 1955 was way Warmer Than Today

If you’ve visited the Drudge Report recently, you might have noticed at the top of the page a picture of Santa Claus carrying his bag of gifts on a warm, sunny beach. The headline was “Christmas Eve ‘Warm as July.’” It’s true. It’s been pretty warm for winter, especially in the Southeast. I don’t remember the last time it was this warm at Christmas time in Georgia. The high for Christmas Day is 73 degrees where I live. I may not remember the last time it was this warm this time Read more […]

Bette Midler Blames East Coast Warm Weather on “Ignorant Selfish Climate Deniers”

I’ve mentioned this many times in articles past. Liberals laugh and ridicule conservatives for bringing up unusually cold local weather as counterevidence to manmade global warming. But liberals feel that it’s fair to bring up unusually warm local weather as evidence of manmade global warming. Of course, they also use unusually cold local weather as evidence as well. Singer, actress and prominent climatologist Bette Midler tweeted out this condemnation: “Dec. 22, 2015, 63 degrees in NYC. Read more […]

Europe’s Growing Electric Car Market Making Them More Dependent on “Dirty” Fossil Fuels

American liberals think that Europeans are so much better than we are, because they have smaller “carbon footprints.” They’re better, because they’re not as dependent on dirty fossil fuels as we are. They drive clean electric cars, and we drive gas-guzzling, carbon-emitting SUVs. Would it surprise you to find out that Europeans are actually making themselves more dependent on fossil fuels because of their growing use of electric cars? But, I thought that electric cars are “cleaner.” Read more […]

Study Shows Green Consumers Believe They’ve “Earned” the Right to Fly in Carbon-Emitting Airplanes

Global warming alarmists often call flying the greatest carbon sin. The average American apparently is responsible for about 19 tons of carbon per year. One round trip between New York and Europe creates about 2 or 3 tons of carbon per person. You’d think that global warming fanatics would do anything to help avert a climatic apocalypse, if they truly believed what they claim they believe. If Al Gore actually believed in the things that he spouts off on a regular basis, he wouldn’t knowingly Read more […]

NOAA’s Faulty Surface Temperature Stations Responsible for Fake Warming Trend

Most of NOAA’s 1,218 surface temperature stations are situated near heat sources like air conditioners, buildings and asphalt. As you would assume, this drives up the temperatures artificially, making it look like the climate is warmer than it really is. A study conducted by climate scientist (and “denier” at the same time) Anthony Watts found that there were 410 temperature stations which abided by NOAA’s regulations for station siting, all of which had lower readings than all the other Read more […]

Global Warming: Denver Experiences Record Snowfall

Down here in the Southeast, we’ve been experiencing some balmy weather of late, and it’s almost winter. Now would be a good time for global warming alarmists to pitch their ideas. If it’s unusually warm when it’s supposed to be cold, liberals start saying stuff like, “I told you so. Those deniers can deny all they want, but the reality is that the world is heating up, thanks to conservatives who don’t believe in gravity.” Meanwhile, other places are getting record snowfall. Global Read more […]

Video: John Kerry Admits Cutting U.S. Carbon Emissions Wouldn’t do Anything

John Kerry admitted that even if the U.S. were to totally revamp its energy system, and every American were careful to live exactly the way climate alarmists want them to live, it wouldn’t do anything, because the real problem is the developing world. According to Kerry, they’re the ones who are responsible for 65% of global emissions. At the COP-21 climate conference in Paris, he stated: “… The fact is that even if every American citizen biked to work, carpooled to school, used only Read more […]

Obama Group Calls on People to “Call out the Climate Change Deniers”

On Obama’s website, a group called Organizing for Action has compiled a list of “deniers” and encourages people call them out by sending emails and Twitter messages. When you locate your local “denier(s),” you can send them an email that reads: The evidence of climate change is overwhelming — and the science is clear. 97% of climate scientists agree that it is real and man-made. The latest National Climate Assessment states that climate change “has moved firmly into the present.” It’s Read more […]