Illegal Aliens Suing Georgia for In-State Tuition Fees

Why is it that so few people completely ignore the term ‘illegal’ when it is used with aliens or immigrants?  In my book, illegal means the same thing, regardless of how or when it is used.  Illegal trafficking of drugs means that the drugs were transported and sold against the law.  Illegal wiretapping means that whoever tapped someone’s phone did so without legal consent and therefore it was against the law. But liberal Democrats completely ignore the term illegal when it’s used for Read more […]

Another Store Clerk Fired for Refusing to be a Murder Victim

These days, if you want to work for a franchise like a convenience store, you have to agree to their terms, which may include being someone’s murder victim. Most of these places have “no tolerance” policies, which prevent their employees from being able to defend themselves with any kind of weapon. You’re not even allowed to try to fight off a perpetrator. You’re supposed to do whatever the criminal wants; give him all the money from the safe, let him steal your car, give him a medium dark Read more […]

Police NOT Obligated to Protect Citizens

How many of you believe that the main purpose of your local police department is to protect and serve the people?  I don’t recall what TV program it was, but some years back there was a program about policeman and in the introduction it always had the words, ‘to protect and serve.’ We were taught from the time were small children that if we are threatened by anyone we were to call 911 and asked them to dispatch the police. But is that the real function of the police department? According Read more […]